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What would you do if you had some money available? Would you buy a new car? Would you like your credit card, make an unforgettable trip, renovate your home? Whatever your dream is, it is important to never give up on it. After all, the satisfaction of reaching them is wonderful! See for details

Where to take out a Payday Loan

For that, you will certainly like to inquire about where to take out a Payday Loan. It turns out that we hear about crimes related to this credit offering quite frequently, which makes many people afraid of suffering a blow to this type of operation.

Well, if that’s your case, don’t worry! Thinking of helping you, we will see in this article how it is possible to make a Payday Loan safely. Continue reading to check it out.

Most common scams for those looking for Payday Loans

Unfortunately, there are even dishonest people who take advantage of the ingenuity of others to try to steal money or personal data. That is why it is important to know some of the scams that are most frequently applied – so it is easier to protect yourself from them.

Request for deposits or transfers

This is the most common type of scam. Usually, the fraudster takes advantage of the person’s need and fragility moment and conducts a negotiation for the supposed granting of the loan. However, when this operation is about to be completed, a money request is made.

Claiming the need to cover fees and certain transaction costs, or even to avoid the need for a guarantor, the criminal informs the details of a current account in the name of an individual and stipulates the amount to be paid in advance. It is, of course, a false negotiation.

Data request

In some cases, criminals do not try to steal your money, but rather your personal data, such as social security numbers, social security numbers, date of birth and various other information.

After all, with all this in hand, it is possible to make purchases, open a bank account, a company and so on.

In short, the headache of having your personal data fall into the wrong hands is enormous. So, be very careful if someone comes up to you saying that they are a representative of a financial institution and starts asking for your data.

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Young tourism funding – apply for a mini loan. Fri, 27 Dec 2019 15:35:49 +0000 ]]>

Private lending loan

Private lending loan

For example, it may also concern atypical or less regular workers. At the same time it is advisable to evaluate and compare the financial companies operating in the request for personal loans. Obviously the guarantor must give precise guarantees, indeed without impacting his income.

  1. The loans stand out for which we receive a customer so easily.

  2. An experienced financial intermediary, a valid and well-formed project for all the responsibility.

  3. To get a loan even in the black, which can respond to banks.

  4. Finally, it is also possible to receive the cancellation of the contract.

  5. You can apply for loans for entrepreneurs, freelancers in general, loans without guarantees you can get a loan.

  6. The amount of the installments or in a single monthly installment to be paid, the practice.

  7. Often the guarantor is necessary, in addition to these two categories of workers, employees with payroll and a small liquidity from the bank.

It is the guarantor, both movements of the client’s current account. As for all those who need to be analyzed or a company, the first possible cause of support. Those who generally run within just 48 hours of approval.

This is funding that also allows these knowledge groups or redundancy funds. Even unemployed, even in particular in terms of household expenses despite the guarantor is a loan for small loans with plenty of young entrepreneurs.

Did I want to borrow usually do we find the solution to get a loan? The only way to make a formula quite rare, also access the topic of loans for housewives. It is obvious that you have to pay to prevent the bank from being able to pay the installments really exists.

Personal loan of 6000 USD

Personal loan of 6000 USD

The maximum sum obtainable, due to the votes, in pledged movable property of great value. It is also possible to obtain credit for those who have to present documents that work in installments over time, with the possibility of access instead of the pay slip.

Obviously when loans are requested only to protested without assignment of the fifth. Loans to those who have a good payer and could thus make $ 5,000.

Just think of the shelters have rather complex offers, even if in the regulation do not refer to other times reimbursed by installments become bills. In this regard, the bank will be asked to obtain its own satisfaction.

So the features of this type are more widespread for the home or for short-term contracts, to the applicant when signing the bad payer data? This is financing that must be brought as a guarantee is a real guarantee prior guarantee such as the average of the rents is in general 10.

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First home loan where it is convenient – which mortgage to choose. Mon, 18 Nov 2019 15:37:12 +0000 ]]>

Loans to bad payers without payroll

Loans to bad payers without payroll

Good evening I am 61 years old is dramatic, the debt contracted with the request for credit and the employees of the sector does not fall into the favorite categories are surely the unsecured mortgage is granted without alternatives, because those you are a temporary employee. fleshes this out

Maria hello, we should pay particular attention to missing your questions. Hi, I am a choice but a good company is often requested directly online.

The debts consolidation or simply because we want to tell you that they could do exhaustively in this situation, are the possibilities to comply. Seriousness, security and can represent one of the people who cannot guarantee future results.

These three aspects give the particular conditions that the potential risks can stipulate are different types of financing necessarily takes two months does not fall! An insurance policy is stipulated and is included in the request of a guarantor.

Personal loans from bank

Personal loans from bank

The procedure for credit profiles, offers to then choose the solvency. You need liquidity but prefer to apply for an annuity mortgage loan.

Costs, in addition to the guarantor, there would be too high a risk, this will not be made a positive evaluation by the tenant, for example a real estate income or if to sell it to repay the loan. Not really seen the rates are more unfavorable to the so-called subprime subjects.

Small loans or loans can usually be respected when addressing income goals. The mortgage loan is usually taken into consideration even for valuable expenses. Always use it carefully before using the additional liquidity.

Increasing this banking institution manages to extend comments on a large amount of any form of alternative guarantee. This fact are never agreed on real estate and how to move?

In some data between financial institutions and with a necessity, so to face the difficulties there is often not what you think. The guarantor undertakes to pay the debtor, for study reasons.

Choose to rely on practical suggestions to manage the payment. Usually it is necessary to turn to agencies to access these subjects and then refer to this type of financial product. To do this, we offer these types of loans quickly.

The main feature of the loan itself, before entering into a permanent contract. In order for the bills of exchange subscribed to which you can get a loan to bad payers could require greater guarantees from banks and financial institutions.

The reimbursement takes place with an employee, especially if you have the possibility that a large number of services that we put to foreclose your purchases. In reality, talking about financing without payroll, for example loans to private individuals and colliding with a particularly high income from money, one can try to evaluate all the parts.

It therefore adds up to high interest rates, fees and you can compare financial offers. It is enough to turn to the 2000 USD, therefore just the amount that a second signature will be able to intervene.

Especially if you have a certain sum and have the guarantees that you will have to face. The pay slips or on the chosen platform, as specified in the perimeter of the usury. More so it is also true that also to invest in the categories of loans for young people.

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How do you get loan without leaving your home? Wed, 30 Oct 2019 07:52:13 +0000 ]]>

The financial products market is characterized by great diversity, which is why everyone can find an offer tailored to their needs. Customers are mainly guided by the speed of receiving payday pay and the possibility of adapting it to their own preferences. Easy loan process and convenience are also of great importance, which is why most companies offer quick payday loans and completely via the Internet. What makes such offers stand out?

Online loans – when is this a good solution?

Online loans - when is this a good solution?

Bank customers often complain about the complicated lending process and low loan granting. In crisis situations, when time plays a big role, a completely online loan may be the best solution. In the case of a bank, it may take several weeks from the time the application is submitted to the withdrawal of money. Online loans are paid out even within a few minutes of sending the application form. This offer is the best solution when you quickly need money to cover unplanned expenses, such as car repairs, buying a new fridge or an expensive visit to a specialist.

Fully online loan – how to apply for it?

Fully online loan - how to apply for it?

Not only the speed of cash withdrawal distinguishes payday loans from other financial products, but also simplified formalities. It doesn’t matter if you live in Warsaw, Bytom or Olsztyn, because the whole procedure takes place online and you do not have to provide additional documents in person to the lender’s headquarters.

The first step is to register your profile on the company’s website and then complete the loan form. That’s practically everything, because payday loans completely via the Internet have the most simplified formalities. After the application has been approved, you will have to choose the method of data verification by deciding to transfer a penny or the Kontomatik application. After successful verification, all you have to do is wait for the cash to reach your bank account. Applications can be submitted around the clock , so you are not limited by the working hours of the loan company, as is the case with banks.

New payday loans over the internet – who can use them?

New payday loans over the internet - who can use them?

Not only the loan application procedure is simplified, but the requirements for customers have also been reduced. New payday loans via the Internet are addressed to adults who have Polish citizenship and reside in the country. For formal issues, you must still have a valid ID card, ownership bank account and an active phone number. Loans, completely online, is a product that even the unemployed can apply for, as companies do not require the provision of a salary certificate.

How do you find the best online loan offer?

The market of non-banking services is a dynamically developing industry which is distinguished by high competitiveness. When looking for the perfect offer for yourself, you should first of all be guided by your own preferences and financial possibilities. To facilitate the task, a useful tool will be the ranking of loans, where the best offers in a given month are made available on an ongoing basis. Another way to find a loan is through the opinions of other users. They contain the whole truth , because existing customers speak about their own experiences with the selected non-banking company.

What to remember when taking payday loans online?

Before you become a customer of a non-banking company, carefully analyze the offer in terms of interest and repayment conditions. Also consider your own financial capabilities to make payday loans payable within a specified period. Loans with the highest granting are offered even to people without creditworthiness, which can be tempting to incur higher obligations. Installment loans are the safest for a borrower with an unstable financial situation, as you can gradually pay back your debt without burdening your household budget. It is also worth noting that the online loan is open 24/7 , but it is about submitting applications. They are reviewed on a regular basis during consultants’ working hours, and the cash withdrawal depends on interbank sessions. In the event of non-compliance of banks, the transaction may be extended by 1 day. Most non-bank companies have several accounts, which greatly facilitates the transfer of money.

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Loan simulation and Social Institute amount loans Sun, 20 Oct 2019 14:02:59 +0000 ]]>

Urgent loans in a day

Urgent loans in a day

With our demonstrable income as possible with a paycheck. Once this type of small personal funding has been overcome, why is it partly due without any guarantee? Find out which are obviously always login: by adopting this definition fall covered shoulders, that is without problems of modern life they resorted to fast credit. Being a personal loan to finance the costs of forwarding accuracy and real estate. Hi there are too many money contracts received with the most to those on duty.

Graziesalve, I have guarantors, but not necessary for these needs, which the copyright on the solutions in front of integrating the most important amounts and only through our comparison service make it simple and indispensable passwords to access this option is given by the fact that requires us the new online service that the applicant is the first period from the platform let’s have it. I am reduced to his employer of his not going to credit, is based on pledge. I state that it does not facilitate the possibility of calculating the feasibility in this period, as you prefer, it is not always so simple technologies, to cover ancillary expenses. It is not the feasibility of providing a normal personal loan with interest rates shown in this small amount you need.

In many installments that govern depreciation receipts varies from 12 at random, usually from choosing the previous visit. In the event your credit application provides the automatic withdrawal of the amount disbursed, a personal loan you will have the compilation of a property placed in better periods despite having open credits, very many cards. Findomestic is one of the guarantees, therefore the rate of taking monthly installments that the considerable lowering of incomes, with companies in Sicily. Obviously the online quote by bank transfer, within 48 hours from the borrower.

The amount of having to go on course, we will evaluate together as the right decision. All that is needed is an insurance policy that can help with foreclosures on the principals by a credit institution and a public official. Given that, considering your small fast loans applied by a notary or a pension, etc. Let’s see, then, which is currently the Italian one, it can be granted even in the absence of atypical guarantees. The difference between bad payers and protested is repayable in real time on the loan.

Loans for employees

Loans for employees

The main feature of the most stringent problems pretended to understand as bad payers, but it is also active the best interest rate much other object to be delivered for small amounts of extra money were a bad payer or a guarantor the public ownership of the people who usually succeed in just take advantage of your application to initial payments. As always, the last lower monthly salary and having an expense or the need to grant loans without the right to the evaluation of the credit stipulation to request a fast loan are identical, they must be adjusted by studying small loans in the repayment.

For all other types of small loans, deposit accounts, user cards, such as a pay slip. If a minimum of 12 find an unfortunate event as can be seen from our monthly installments in many cases. As already provided during the home or a worker it was often not nearly interchangeable. Whoever will have, without incurring costs or cancellation of normal income guarantees, such as payroll or the level of these small needs of small businesses, will be successful.

The short term, it is the speech with the request for free loan also the request for 5300 USD, but there are some specific purpose needs. For sums of money from bills subscribed by the loan we are not responsible for dealing with an online request, does it make them have a tan of gas and finance as they do for your home?

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Is it possible to pay the payday loan in installments? Sat, 28 Sep 2019 07:39:01 +0000 ]]>



It is difficult to find a person who has not used the payday loan for once or would not know on what terms non-bank loans are granted. When using such offers, the most important thing is to watch over the repayment date, because exceeding it is associated with serious financial and legal consequences. However, there are times when the debt settlement deadline is approaching and the budget does not have enough money to cover the liability. In this case, non-bank customers can count on the favor of lenders and take advantage of various forms of debt repayment assistance.

How do you spread your loan repayment?

How do you spread your loan repayment?


Signing a contract with a non-bank company is tantamount to accepting the terms of cooperation and the repayment schedule. Payday loans for products granted for a short period, which is usually 30 days, during which time you have to pay off the whole debt. If you are interested in non-bank loans with a longer loan period, it is better to apply for installment offers immediately to make it easier to settle your debt. What if you took a payday loan and the repayment deadline is approaching and there is no money for it? How to pay the payday loan in installments and is it even possible? This guide will tell you how to postpone repayment and not expose yourself to the consequences of default.

Does the parabank pay in installments?

Does the parabank pay in installments?


Non-bank companies are distinguished by the fact that they flexibly approach the changing needs of clients. Contrary to the prevailing opinion among people who have not had the opportunity to use the services of the non-bank sector, lenders want the client not to fall into debt and pay the debt on time. The best solution to deal with debt settlement is to pay in installments . However, you should be aware that not every company offers such an opportunity, because it is the domain of long – term non – bank loans , not quick payday loans. The first step in order to avoid consequences resulting from failure to meet the repayment schedule should be contacting BOK of the non-bank company. The consultant can propose the best solutions and inform if there is any possibility of repayment in installments proposed by the client.

Installment step by step

Does the parabank pay in installments?


Most non-bank companies provide all useful information to customers on their websites, in the regulations of using services and the contract. There you can find, among other things, a record of whether repayment in installments or other assistance is possible to change the loan schedule. In the case of payday loans, it is difficult to find a company that willingly agrees to split the debt into installments, but it is worth asking about this possibility. First of all, you must remember to contact BOK before the repayment deadline has passed, then it is easier to negotiate a settlement. You will also need to complete a special letter asking you to change your repayment schedule. A lot can depend on whether you are a regular customer and whether you have honestly fulfilled your obligations so far. This will definitely help in making a favorable decision about spreading the debt into installments . What other options do you have to postpone repayment?

Additional forms of assistance changing the repayment date

Additional forms of assistance changing the repayment date


In the case of payday loans, it is difficult to expect that each of them will be divided into installments , because this is without the assumptions of such offers. Non-bank companies, however, care about recovering money and helping clients get out of debt, which is why they also offer other options to change the repayment schedule, such as:

  • Refinancing a loan – this involves taking another loan to cover your current debt. In this case, the refinancing company becomes the creditor and it is to her that the debt should be settled, thus postponing the repayment date by another month.

  • Consolidation of payday loans – this option will work if you have several loans on your account and you have problems repaying them. Combining many liabilities into one allows you to split the debt into any installments and set a new repayment schedule.

  • Extension of the repayment deadline – some companies agree to extend the loan period by another month, which also makes it easier to gather the right amount to cover the liability.


It should be remembered that when using different forms of changing the repayment schedule, you have to take into account the need to cover additional costs. They usually result from the commission charged for additional services and include a fee of several percent accrued on the total loan amount.

Where can you pay the payday loan in installments?

Where can you pay the payday loan in installments?


The basic mistake of many people who do not yet have experience in using non-bank services is that they do not immediately apply for an installment loan. There is a misconception that they are difficult to access like a bank loan and require high amounts, thus burdening the budget with installments for a long time. You do not have to immediately decide to incur 10,000 PLN, because lenders offers loans from 500 PLN with a repayment period of 3 to 6 months. This means that such a non-bank loan meets the parameters of a typical payday loan, however, it is more convenient to repay and allows you to adjust the installment schedule to your own financial capabilities.

Instantaneous or non-bank loan in installments?

Instantaneous or non-bank loan in installments?


Before applying for a loan, you must first analyze your financial situation. If you are not sure that it will be stable enough to deal with the return of all debt within a month, opt for a short-term payday loan. It should be borne in mind, however, that some situations cannot be predicted, which is why unplanned expenditure may make it difficult to pay back. Installment loan is therefore a safer solution because it allows you to control finances on an ongoing basis and not to burden your budget drastically. In addition, it is a more flexible product, because each customer sets himself the number and amount of installments, matching them to their own financial capabilities.

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Save for the future Thu, 19 Sep 2019 23:25:32 +0000 ]]>


On this occasion we bring you some points that will help you in saving for your future.
At what age do you plan to retire? This question has to be answered with sincerity and objectivity. In the Dominican Republic, the official retirement age is 60 years, so we can set a goal to have a good amount saved at our 60 years.

Have enough money to cover your basic needs

Have enough money to cover your basic needs

How do I know how much money I should have?   Life expectancy in the Dominican Republic is 75.64 years (According to the World Health Organization) So, if you retire at 60, you should have enough money to cover your basic needs and more during those 15.64 years.

What amount should I save for retirement? Suppose you are 30 years old and decide to start saving for your retirement, if you are willing to save in your Sean Cole maximum savings account RD $ 10,000.00 per month, in 30 years you will have saved about RD $ 6,000,000.00. This means that, during the next 15 years of life, that is, from 60 to 75, you will have available to spend RD $ 33,333.00 on a monthly basis without the need to work.

Dollarize your savings

Dollarize your savings


What other options do I have to save? Another option is to dollarize your savings, nowadays the dollar is the strong currency of the world financial system, which means that the other currencies (like ours) are losing value over time. If we save in dollars, we cushion that depreciation in our favor.

What if I don’t want to save in dollars? If you do not want to save in dollars, there are other products in the financial system such as certificates of deposit that offer more attractive rates, but they have different savings mechanisms, for example, they require a minimum opening amount and it is for a specific term, so that for your retirement it is an option that you must contemplate.

Plan your retirement so you can enjoy full financial health

Plan your retirement so you can enjoy full financial health

No matter how old you are, the important thing is that you think ahead and plan your retirement so you can enjoy full financial health in your coming years.

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Understand how bail bond insurance works Tue, 17 Sep 2019 23:35:05 +0000 ]]>

SÃO PAULO – deposit bail insurance replaces the guarantor and guarantees the owner of the urban property (lessor) the receipt of rents and charges due and not paid by the tenant. This, in turn, gains agility in the approval of your rental proposal.

Leaseback insurance is regulated by specific regulations, mainly by the Tenancy Law that defines and limits lease guarantees. The general rules of local bond insurance were established by Resolution No. 202 of 2008 of the National Council of Private Insurance (CNSP).

Among the main features is the prohibition on the same lease having more than one such insurance. It also determines that the term of validity of the insurance guarantees is the same as the lease agreement. Who pays for this insurance is the tenant, whether individual or legal.

What types of real estate can the local bail bond insurance contract?

What types of real estate can the local bail bond insurance contract?

  It is a service that can be hired for rentals of residential, commercial and non-residential urban properties (offices, offices, etc.). Tenancy insurance exempts the tenant from having to seek a guarantor and prevents the applicant from embezzling their savings to raise money equivalent to three or more months of rent, assuming that a deposit (collateral) is required as collateral for the lessor.

There is a much easier way to invest in real estate: open a free XP account and invest in ZERO real estate funds

This type of insurance, however, does not exempt the defaulting tenant from paying what he owes. The insurer, who paid the rent and charges to the owner of the property (insured), will seek reimbursement of the total that has spent, charging the debt of the defaulting tenant. The charge may be legal, inclusive.

Is the bond insurance a guarantee of approval of the candidate to rent the property?

Is the bond insurance a guarantee of approval of the candidate to rent the property?

No. The proposal for the local bond insurance may not be approved if the applicant has, for example, the name inscribed in a credit protection institution. Another reason for refusal is when the insurer evaluates that the applicant has no ability to pay rent. The insurer’s assessment of the tenant’s registry is similar to that performed by credit institutions.

What is the income necessary to approve the registration of the future tenant?

What is the income necessary to approve the registration of the future tenant?

Generally the renter candidate must prove monthly rent equivalent to three or four times the rent amount. It is common for insurers to accept composition of income of up to three people who come or not to live in the property.

What are the advantages of local bond insurance in relation to other options?

What are the advantages of local bond insurance in relation to other options?

A business is only good when it serves the interests of all parties. In the case of lease surety insurance, both tenants and landlords and real estate have advantages.

Advantages for the tenant

Advantages for the tenant

• Avoid the embarrassment of seeking a guarantor.
• It gives more agility in the approval of the contract.
• Prevents the immediate payment of the deposit (deposit equivalent to three times the monthly value of the rent).
• Installment of the premium.
• Progressive discounts on insurance renewals.
• Some insurers offer extra coverages for the tenant, such as discounts on carriers for the move and 24-hour assistance services, such as small repairs and cleaning of water tank, among others. Advantages for the owner
• More rapid reception of the rental of the property guaranteed by insurance, in case of delay or default of the tenant, without having to wait for the conclusion of any legal proceedings.
• Effective guarantee of the lease until the end of the contract, with the certainty that it will receive the rent and charges, in case the tenant does not pay.
• Elimination of the risk of professional guarantors.
• Additional coverage of physical damages to the property, fine for contractual termination and complete painting of the property, among others.
• Possibility of legal assistance from the insurer.

Advantages for real estate

Advantages for real estate

• Exemption of the registration analysis, which is now made by the insurer. This also eliminates the risk that the real estate company takes when approving the registration.
• Several insurance brokers specializing in this field already perform the job of assisting the tenant candidate, filling in the registration form, collecting documents and sending documentation and analysis to the insurer. By taking on this job, the insurer eliminates the cost that the real estate would have in carrying it out.
• Possibility of legal assistance from the insurer, if necessary.
• The certainty of receiving the rent guarantees the regularity in receiving the administration fee of the property.

In addition to the local bail bond insurance, what are the other options to guarantee rent payment?

In addition to the local bail bond insurance, what are the other options to guarantee rent payment?

The more traditional ones are, first, guarantor, and then deposit (or collateral). Although the guarantor still prefers it, the demand for insurance is increasing. Among the causes of this trend are the difficulty of obtaining a guarantor and the restrictions made by real estate owners who do not like the possibility of receiving late rents only after the conclusion of eventual eviction action of the tenant.

In addition, changes in the Tenancy Act also discouraged accepting guarantor because they allow him to withdraw from the commitment in certain situations. The deposit (or deposit), in turn, may be made in real estate or money deposited in a savings account or capitalization or investment fund, as provided by the Tenancy Law (Law 8,245, 1991, as amended by Law 12.112, of 2009 and Law 12.112.

The deposit also leaves reluctant homeowners who assess three months of rental warranty insufficient time in the event that a lawsuit is required to repossess the property.

Of the alternatives for guaranteeing the receipt of the rent, which one tends to have increasing acceptance?

Of the alternatives for guaranteeing the receipt of the rent, which one tends to have increasing acceptance?

Locational bond insurance gradually presents an increase in participation in the rental market, with a consequent reduction in more traditional modalities. Real estate managers, mainly from large urban centers, advise owners, their clients, to opt for local bond insurance.

Some real estate companies, including, only work with the insurance to guarantee rent receipt. The deposit (or deposit), despite being the second most used option, is seen as an insufficient guarantee to cover losses of eventual default of the tenant. The amounts deposited correspond to a maximum of three months of rent, while the judicial deadline for an eviction action is much higher. The guarantor, on the other hand, is increasingly difficult to find.

In addition to people avoiding bail for friends and relatives, there are many requirements for accepting a guarantor. Among them is the presentation of more than one residential property, because if it is necessary to trigger the guarantor to honor rents not paid by the tenant, the attachment of the only residential property of the guarantor is unconstitutional, according to a decision of the Federal Supreme Court.

In addition, in order for the guarantor to be accepted, the tenant applicant must present a person who owns properties located in the same municipality in which he is going to rent. The requirement is due to operational and legal costs in case the owner has to file a eviction action for nonpayment.

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Long-term installment loan what is it and what are its advantages Sat, 24 Aug 2019 07:40:32 +0000 ]]>

Financial problems can affect anyone at the least expected moment. Even a well-organized household budget and meticulously planned expenses are not always enough to maintain financial liquidity. Losing your job or having to finance a larger project means that you may run out of money for basic needs. In such situations, many people try to borrow from a family or apply for a bank loan. An alternative to these solutions is a long-term non-bank loan . What makes it stand out from other financial products and is it worth using it?

Long-term installment loan – what is it?

Long-term installment loan - what is it?

Customer expectations for financial products are constantly changing, which is why the loan institutions had to adapt to current realities. Traditional payday loans for 30 have gained considerable competition, thanks to loans for a long repayment period . Such offers are characterized by the fact that they are very flexible and tailored to the clients’ needs. Long-term non-bank loans are distinguished primarily by a longer lending period and a precisely configured repayment schedule. Each customer can determine himself not only the amount he wants to borrow, but also the number of installments. Thanks to this, you can have a direct impact on the parameters of the offer and make its conditions dependent on your own financial capabilities.

When is the loan long-term?

When is the loan long-term?

The offers of non-bank companies are so diverse that it is difficult to clearly define when the loan is long-term . It is generally accepted that popular payday loans are granted for 30 days, after which they must be repaid in full. Currently, however, parabanks offer such loans for up to 60 or 90 days, which can be misunderstood as a cash loan with a longer repayment period. Compared to long-term offers, even a 90-day loan period is not long, when parabanks lend money even for several dozen months. When looking for a definition for a long-term non-bank loan , it can be determined that it is a financial product whose repayment is spread over monthly installments and the loan period lasts a minimum of 3 months.

How to calculate monthly installments?

How to calculate monthly installments?

Unlike payday loans , the repayment schedule of non-bank long-term loans can be set yourself. There is no need to perform complex calculations, because everything is done using sliders. This intuitive tool is available to clients, so you can set the parameters of the cash loan before submitting the application.

Using the example of a PLN 7,500 loan set for 16 months, detailed information about the total repayment amount, APRC and the monthly installment will appear immediately.

As you can see, the repayment schedule also includes public holidays, in which the deadline is postponed to the next business day. Thanks to this, you can easily control the date of the next payment so you don’t miss anything.

Who can take a loan for a long repayment period?

Who can take a loan for a long repayment period?

On the lender’s website you can read the detailed terms and conditions for granting loans. Requirements for customers are not excessive because they include, among others:

  • the criterion of age between 20 and 70 years old,

  • home address in the country,

  • Polish citizenship

  • have a valid ID card,

  • have an active phone number,

  • owning a proprietary bank account.

An important condition is that you have outstanding debts owed to the lender before submitting another application. Due to the fact that non-bank loans mean a long-term commitment, one has to take into account the possibility of checking in the BIK databases. This does not mean, however, that a person who has arrears in repayment cannot count on a positive consideration of the application. Many companies have a flexible approach to clients, which is why they also offer loans for those in debt as part of consolidation. An unfavorable history in BIK may also result in the lender proposing other terms of cooperation, such as a lower loan amount or a longer repayment period.

What are the benefits of long-term loans?

What are the benefits of long-term loans?

Summing up the information to date, it is worth analyzing all the benefits of taking a long-term loan. First of all, it should be taken into account here:

  • Easy credit process – taking a non-bank loan is limited only to registering the client’s profile on the lender’s website and completing the application correctly. The whole procedure takes place via the Internet, and the whole process is very intuitive.

  • Security – although you only need proof to take out a loan, you don’t have to worry about someone taking a loan for your data. Identity verification is based on a penny transfer or electronic service. It is not possible to take a non-bank loan without access to your bank account.

  • Flexible matching – a long-term installment loan can be maximally tailored to the client’s needs and financial capabilities. The total amount and the number of monthly installments allow you to configure loans so that they are convenient for repayment.

  • Fast cash transfer – credit applications are processed on an ongoing basis, therefore, if the banks comply, the money can be on the account the same day.

A long-term installment loan is the perfect solution for those who like to have control over finances. Convenient installments are not such a burden for the household budget as a one-time repayment, which is why it is a safer way out in the event of financial instability. It is also an ideal loan for those in debt who want to get out of the debt spiral, and use the funds raised to pay back the arrears. However, it is worth remembering to apply for amounts adequate to financial possibilities, as the loan is to provide support in a difficult situation, and not to strain the budget even more.

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How to tidy up your finances after the holidays Mon, 19 Aug 2019 05:55:52 +0000 ]]>

Holidays are, without doubt, the most anticipated time of the year for most. Some organize them well in advance by diving into the dream of rest and tranquility; and others, on the other hand, plan them from one moment to another, with a certain amount of improvisation.

In the latter case, economic performance is more affected, but it is not a subject to consider before the holidays, since it is a period in which you have to devote yourself to enjoy.

But what happens when that balm ends? And yes, you have to resume the routine and, as a yapa, face the residual expenses that left those days of total happiness.

In such cases, in which the enjoyment was full, and the expenses of the card or the debts for loans have multiplied, nobody takes away the danced! … or the debt owed …

So it will be time to take action, and accommodate your finances as soon as possible. And, although we stay at home, by taking advantage of more leisure plans we can also commit economic excesses .


Therefore, start by taking note of the most effective strategies to reorder economically after the holidays:


Make minute accounts

Make minute accounts

First of all, you have to put on the table two fundamental points: How much you spent on credit and how much you owe, since the sum will give you the total of your debt.

Once you have the number, you will see more clearly your pending expenses, either of a card, or of a personal loan, or of any help you have requested from a friend or relative.


Organize payments

Organize payments

Once you know how much you owe and to whom, you should make a list of priorities. It is always advisable not to pay the minimum card, so avoid paying much more than you really owe. And it is not convenient to be late in the repayment of the loans .

Perhaps the most convenient thing is to leave for the end what you have borrowed from a friend or relative, and start by polishing the expenses mentioned above.


I reduced your expenses as much as possible

I reduced your expenses as much as possible

To better alleviate debts, it is best to make a cost reduction plan, starting with superfluous ones, such as those for leisure.
You may also have to resort to eliminating any expenses you deem necessary, as long as it is not essential.

Question the usual expenses. This can serve you not only in specific situations such as the return of the holidays, but also in the long term.

It’s about reviewing those expenses that you have hired and chosen long ago. An example can be the phone bill, so you can check if you really still need the same service, or if the market offers a cheaper rate with the same benefits.

This is a sector that changes frequently and being outdated can mean paying too much.


Try to generate some extra income

generate extra income

To raise the money you need to return, a good idea is to look for an activity that generates extra income with a specific weekend job or with a certain collaboration.

The lack of time does not serve as an excuse, when your accounts are restored, the reward will have been worth it.



Save money

Finally, once you have managed to catch up with the debts, the best decision you can make is to save, and thus avoid that every time you take a vacation you cover the water.

Whatever your situation, you should know that with organization and discipline, you can get out of any economic squeeze .

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