How to tidy up your finances after the holidays

Holidays are, without doubt, the most anticipated time of the year for most. Some organize them well in advance by diving into the dream of rest and tranquility; and others, on the other hand, plan them from one moment to another, with a certain amount of improvisation.

In the latter case, economic performance is more affected, but it is not a subject to consider before the holidays, since it is a period in which you have to devote yourself to enjoy.

But what happens when that balm ends? And yes, you have to resume the routine and, as a yapa, face the residual expenses that left those days of total happiness.

In such cases, in which the enjoyment was full, and the expenses of the card or the debts for loans have multiplied, nobody takes away the danced! … or the debt owed …

So it will be time to take action, and accommodate your finances as soon as possible. And, although we stay at home, by taking advantage of more leisure plans we can also commit economic excesses .


Therefore, start by taking note of the most effective strategies to reorder economically after the holidays:


Make minute accounts

Make minute accounts

First of all, you have to put on the table two fundamental points: How much you spent on credit and how much you owe, since the sum will give you the total of your debt.

Once you have the number, you will see more clearly your pending expenses, either of a card, or of a personal loan, or of any help you have requested from a friend or relative.


Organize payments

Organize payments

Once you know how much you owe and to whom, you should make a list of priorities. It is always advisable not to pay the minimum card, so avoid paying much more than you really owe. And it is not convenient to be late in the repayment of the loans .

Perhaps the most convenient thing is to leave for the end what you have borrowed from a friend or relative, and start by polishing the expenses mentioned above.


I reduced your expenses as much as possible

I reduced your expenses as much as possible

To better alleviate debts, it is best to make a cost reduction plan, starting with superfluous ones, such as those for leisure.
You may also have to resort to eliminating any expenses you deem necessary, as long as it is not essential.

Question the usual expenses. This can serve you not only in specific situations such as the return of the holidays, but also in the long term.

It’s about reviewing those expenses that you have hired and chosen long ago. An example can be the phone bill, so you can check if you really still need the same service, or if the market offers a cheaper rate with the same benefits.

This is a sector that changes frequently and being outdated can mean paying too much.


Try to generate some extra income

generate extra income

To raise the money you need to return, a good idea is to look for an activity that generates extra income with a specific weekend job or with a certain collaboration.

The lack of time does not serve as an excuse, when your accounts are restored, the reward will have been worth it.



Save money

Finally, once you have managed to catch up with the debts, the best decision you can make is to save, and thus avoid that every time you take a vacation you cover the water.

Whatever your situation, you should know that with organization and discipline, you can get out of any economic squeeze .

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