Save on a bank account? We’ll show you some good options

Banks increased their fees significantly a few years ago due to taxes imposed on them. The “zero” bills have disappeared, but with a little care and the choice of the right bank account and card, we can significantly save on our bank charges. Here are some opportunities to save up to tens of thousands of forints each year.

Let’s start with a personal memory


Because the best examples are always provided by life. One of our friends asked for help on how to save on your bank charges. It turned out that he had asked for a gold card years earlier, which he has been maintaining since then and is ringing the annual maintenance fee of about twenty thousand.

The annual fee for such a prestigious card is usually at least $ 20,000

The annual fee for such a prestigious card is usually at least $ 20,000

It turned out that the former free promotion was long over, and since then this prestigious card has been used as usual. Every year, the bank took a nice deduction from the annual fee, and our friend didn’t realize it was a completely unnecessary issue .

This cost is only worth paying if we can take advantage of the card’s benefits. For example, if you travel by plane on a regular basis, you can take advantage of the bonus card of some banks for free eating in the VIP lounge of the SKY Lounge and JET Lounge of the Budapest and Vienna International Airport.

You may also receive a refund

Significant discounts are not only available with a gold card. You can apply for a credit card with a percentage refund on your spend. The Good Finance OneCard card offers an instant and permanent discount from your bank’s partners. Discounts can range from 3 to 20 percent . These include discounts on internet and cable TV for subscriptions, insurance, book shopping, restaurants or even optical services.

You can also apply for a OneCard debit card for a Fee Zero Plus Account , which charges $ 8,496 in the first year and $ 5,972 in subsequent years. With Goodbank you can transfer for free up to $ 100 a month, so the annual cost of this account is essentially the same as the cost of maintaining your credit card. The discounted HUF 0 account management fee is subject to a credit of at least HUF 150,000 per month. This amount can come in two installments, so it can be paid by the spouses, but the credit does not have to be income.

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