A digital magazine subscription would be a great Mother’s Day gift in 2022

A digital magazine subscription would be a great Mother’s Day gift in 2022

Mother’s Day 2022 is fast approaching, just a few weeks away on Sunday, May 8. If you’re like me, you often leave your current purchases to the last minute and that means you need something fast.

A digital subscription is a perfect solution to this problem and Easily is the one you might consider. The same way Spotify lets you listen to virtually any song, this service lets you (or your mom) read digital magazines and newspapers. There are over 6,300 titles to read on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

With Readly offering unlimited “all you can read” access to your mom’s favorite magazines in one app, there’s something for everyone. Add recipes to your favourites, get inspired by a new hobby or travel destination, read the latest news or dive into an in-depth article.

For those who want to switch off properly without wi-fi, they can download up to 500 editions and also read them in offline mode. And since a Readly subscription gives users five profiles per household, your mom can share the gift with others too.

A subscription costs only $9.99 per month or a free trial month. Gift card options are also available – Readly | All Magazines – one magazine app subscription

5 reasons Readly is the perfect Mother’s Day gift

  • We all need a little inspiration in life – Pamper mum with exciting, inspiring and entertaining content on everything from fitness, food, travel and sports to history and personal portraits captivating.
  • Boost Meaningful Downtime – Avoid unnecessary scrolling and maintain good screen time habits by reading reliable, organized content. Give your mom quality, verified content and rewarding screen time in the form of her favorite title and many more to choose from.
  • Challenge and entertain Mom with crosswords and games – Readly’s wide range not only includes reading, but also entertainment with many crosswords, sudoku and classic games. Perfect for a “time for me” challenge.
  • Inspire mum with home, garden and DIY projects – Readly offers a wide range of titles in home categories that can inspire new projects around the home and garden, such as crafts, renovations and of construction.
  • Read together or ‘time for me’: A Readly subscription gives users five profiles per household so you and the whole family can also enjoy reading the breadth of titles.

Visit Readly | All Magazines – a magazine app subscription for the latest updates.

Amanda P. Whitten