a digital magazine takes sustainability and style into account – Lucire

a digital magazine takes sustainability and style into account – Lucire


Lucire isn’t the only title to follow durability and style—Stanley moss examines one where sustainability is at the heart of its mission
Posted by Lucire staff / July 12, 2021 / 4:43 p.m.

How to merge sustainable vision and fashion? A difficult call, and many are still rushing to answer. A few years ago, American art visionary Denise Domergue created a non-profit organization to address the first half of this question in the context of art.
The fact of what ?! The initiative has organized exhibitions, sponsored the work of artists and created a library of informative videos highlighting how artists have engaged and embraced the concept of circular economy. To date, they have started a global movement, even going so far as to build an exhibition pavilion in the center of Times Square in New York City, a temporary structure made from recycled materials that has gained worldwide attention. Now, a quarterly digital magazine from MOOW follows the progress of the project.
The current issue discusses durability and style, a topic dear to the heart of Lucire readers. You can view and download the number here.
Most importantly, participation, donation or membership to support the work of the foundation will make a difference in helping to reimagine planet Earth in the form we would all like to see.Stanley Moss, travel editor

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