Authority magazine features Eddie Lorin in a series on affordable housing

Authority magazine features Eddie Lorin in a series on affordable housing

LOS ANGELES, March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Eddie Lorinfounder and CEO of Alliant Strategic Development is featured in Authority magazine series titled “How we help make housing more affordable.”

Authority Magazine, a publication devoted primarily to sharing inspiring stories and interviews with powerful people in their industries, captures the drive, passion, resilience, perseverance, dedication and relentless drive of the founder and CEO of Alliant Strategic Development, Eddie Lorin. Lorin’s decades of experience in the housing industry shines through, along with his authentic and personal journey to becoming a leader in affordable housing.

“If I could come up with a tax-exempt bond structure where everyone could invest in affordable housing, that would complete my mission on this earth.” Sharing Lorin, “There are a lot of units that aren’t being built because the cost of capital is high, and there’s a lag where people aren’t getting the returns they think are commensurate with the minimal risk of “Investment in affordable housing. I would like to change that perception and develop an investment vehicle to build millions of units and homes across the country. It would really fix the world.”

The insightful questions and answers between the interviewer Jason Hartman and Lorin also delves into chapters of Lorin’s childhood and upbringing. In the interview, Lorin shares experiences from her personal life and professional leadership journey. He also explores the inspiration behind his passion for housing, how people around the world can impact this issue, and his top five things to know about starting your own business.

Lorin continues: “We are constantly looking for other ways to finance projects and continue to develop housing. We partner with school districts to secure land and structure land leases to government agencies to reduce this cost of capital. housing policy to school districts who will give us school land on which we can now build housing. We are really involved in policy development and share our expertise with the community; this gives us the ability to help solve this problem.

When asked his opinion on how other developers can work to further address this issue, Lorin said inclusive zoning should be considered a top priority.

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