Aylesford Baker launches digital magazine to teach others how to bake illusion cakes

Batter, cream and carefully crafted models are just some of the daily tasks carried out by an Aylesford pastry chef, who recently added a digital magazine to her growing business.

An international and multi-award winning pastry artist, Kelly Jane is the owner of D’licious cakes, a company established in 2018 that specializes in structured, sculpted and wedding cakes.

Kelly is an award-winning pastry chef (55426728)

However, when she doesn’t have her hands full of sugar and flour, she gets to work on her online post which debuted in January.

Having previously worked at a newspaper, Kelly used her skills to create the digital magazine which covers tutorials, interviews and contests, to name a few.

Incredibly, over the span of three months, Kelly interviewed some of the cake world’s most respected artists, including Natalie Sideserf (Sideserf Cakes), Dot Klerck and Raquel Garcia.

And an upcoming “illusion” issue scheduled for May will feature an interview with Turkish chef, Tuba Geckil of RedRoseCakes, who creates in-depth 3D illusions.

What started as a hobby for Kelly saw her judging and competing in a number of competitions.

Shrek character, rendered in cake
Shrek character, rendered in cake
Kelly won an award for her camera illusion cake
Kelly won an award for her camera illusion cake

Kelly’s first try with illusion cakes was a ladybug cake she created for her daughter’s first birthday in 2013, which she humorously remembers as it “took her forever”, and one things that inspired the “New and Now” section of his post.

The mother-of-two gained valuable experience at the now closed Cupcake Hearts in Aylesford.

Today, with such a busy schedule, Kelly said: “I don’t sleep much, I work most of the time, but I really like what I do so I don’t feel like I’m working. .

“I work on commissions and show pieces during the day and work on the magazine in the evening.

An amazing cake 'burger'
An amazing cake ‘burger’

“Before teaching, I worked at a local newspaper, so I enjoy writing and producing.”

In the morning, Kelly races to school, comes home to walk the dog, grabs a quick bite, and starts working on her cakes.

“Once I get in, I tend not to really stop. I work through lunch and then pick up the kids after school.

It’s only at 1 or 2 a.m. that she finally goes to bed.

She entered her first contest at Cake International in 2019 where she decided to “do it big or go home” and was awarded two bronzes and one merit.

Army themed birthday cake
Army themed birthday cake
A shark cake
A shark cake

In 2020, a pastry disguised as a camera earned him first prize at the regional Cake Professional Awards.

Today she also judges in various competitions, joining the jury for this year’s Cake Star UK, to whom she said: “I love judging, I only started doing it this year when I judged cake prices in sri lanka.

“I’ve been on the other side, I know how annoying it is.”

Amanda P. Whitten