Business Spotlight: Smart Consign – Magazine Articles

Business Spotlight: Smart Consign – Magazine Articles


Who are you and what are you doing?

SmartConsign is the first true cloud-based SaaS solution for multi-operator delivery management, which means there’s nothing to install. Whether big or small, sellers can provide the best delivery experience to their customers by simply using a web browser on any PC or smart device.

With our transparent carrier management software, we aim to simplify shipping operations and create a collaborative approach to logistics. We put all the information you need in one place, providing a simple and concise overview of your deliveries. Use our unique system to manage, create, label, notify and track all your shipments on all your carriers.

Customers can use our software to analyze data and compare freight service levels between carriers to find the one that best suits their needs. We optimize shipping for everyone.

Who are your clients ?

SmartConsign was originally designed, designed and developed for 3PLs and distribution houses that distribute for retailers. This means that the functionality and usability of the platform exceeds market standards and can easily handle all the requirements of retailers and third-party logistics providers. Features are standard and ready for both customer profiles.

We also cater to customers with their own delivery vehicles with simple rules so they can set criteria based on location or size. SmartConsign will automatically generate your own personalized labels for your vehicles.

What problems do you solve?

You can book same-day delivery or collection, get instant quotes for shipping, and information like mileage or congestion charges, vehicle sizes, and optional call charges. Everything is automated, even the payments.

Whether you use manual entry, file import, API, marketplace integrations, or the rules engine, we’ll have a tool that will reduce your logistics headaches.

We understand what it takes to exceed buyers’ delivery expectations in today’s environment. Having the ability to quickly find and monitor carrier performance is a critical part of protecting our customers’ revenues.

We don’t just focus on solving the problems of today, but on realizing the opportunities of tomorrow. Our solution is continually evolving to help customers. As the industry is mobile-driven, solutions need to adapt to clients’ working styles. With that in mind, we have been busy over the past year creating the SmartConsign mobile app that offers all the features our customers love from their desktop PC right from their smartphone. It’s launch soon.

What are the features of your platform?

In addition to the rapid creation of labels and generation of shipments, we have a suite of detailed notifications, a powerful rules engine, security management and rapid rerouting to d other carriers if one of them lets you down. Our dashboard provides an overview of your shipments and rules. All of this is accessible on any device and through a web application, which means no installation.

Which carriers do you support?

We support over 25 of the UK’s largest carriers and logistics companies for domestic and international shipments through a single interface. Like many integrated carriers who use SmartConsign, we strive to exceed customer expectations and help our users meet deadlines consistently. This means that carriers are not charged to be integrated into the system, so any information about their performance is unbiased and independent.

What integrations do you support?

SmartConsign is integrated with Linnworks, eBay, Amazon and Veeqo, it’s all part of our mission to help make the shipping process clearer and easier for businesses to grow. SmartConsign receives the data feed from your e-commerce platform and from there can produce your shipping labels, assign a carrier, and provide a centralized tracking system.

Who pays the carriers?

SmartConsign is an operator independent system. We don’t have an operator account, so we don’t have any favorites. This means that you can use SmartConsign with your own carrier accounts. Our own costs are completely transparent at £ 250 plus the cost per label (the cost of the label is based on the volumes shipped – the higher the volume, the lower the cost).

What should I do?

Schedule a demo to see for yourself how SmartConsign works and what it could do for your business, large or small. Visit

This Corporate Spotlight was produced by eDelivery and sponsored by SmartConsign. Funding articles in this way allows us to explore topics and present relevant services and information that we think our readers will find interesting.


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