Cabana magazine features nine Schumacher fabric covers in latest issue

Cabana magazine features nine Schumacher fabric covers in latest issue


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You are not a true design enthusiast unless you are very excited about the release of new issues of Hut magazine. If I have to explain to you that Hut is a highly collectable biannual interior magazine that might share equal storage space with design tomes and monographs, so you’re probably not the aficionado you claim to be.

But in case you’re curious, (which you should be), Hut is the London magazine launched three years ago by the Italian Martina Mondadori Sartogo. Unlike other shelter and design magazines that strive for refined perfection where nothing is ever out of place, the aesthetic of Hut is more European – like an old villa or an aristocratic castle which is the height of chic but shows a bit of age, patina and a bit of wear. It’s a magazine with an Old World sensibility. And what makes it really special are the covers which are splashed with real wallpapers and fabrics from Gucci, Etro and Fornasetti.

For their latest issue, they partnered with Schumacher, the first American company to partner with the magazine. Hut x Schumacher includes nine different covers chosen from Schumacher’s most iconic fabric collections.

Below I talk to Benni Frowein, President of Schumacher, about this exciting collaboration.

Why did you decide to partner with Cabana? What about this partnership that got you the most excited?

2016 was one of the most exciting years in Schumacher’s 127-year history. We doubled our team in the design studio; started to launch collections on a monthly basis; created our own growing magazine, The Schumacher Bulletin; and inspired hundreds of thousands of interior designers with our much talked about marketing. Be on the cover of Hut magazine seemed like a natural – and exciting – next step. This exquisite European style magazine has become an international sensation. So exclusive that it doesn’t even have a website, it is revered by the most famous and creative people in the design world. As brands, we both celebrate what is out of the ordinary. Finding a partner with such perfectly matched brand values ​​is truly exhilarating.

How did the collaboration process go?

Martine from Hut approached Schumacher and asked if we would like to partner up as the first American company to honor their cover. We were immediately inspired by the idea, we knew we were going to create something breathtaking together. About 8 months later, we stand here and hold this amazing issue in our hands.

How did you decide which of your many iconic prints to use? Do you have a favorite?

At the start we obviously picked a selection of our most iconic prints that we think best represent Schumacher as a brand and that we love. In a second time, Hut reduced them and tested them on mockups to understand their potential impact on customers. We ended up with nine beautiful patterns. But in fact, each cover is unique because it only shows a certain part of the repetition of that particular design. It was a whole new way – even for us – to look at our models.

How do Schumacher’s blankets differ from the old blankets of Hut?

Let me start with something that all Hut the covers have one thing in common: they are all incredibly beautiful and breathtaking. Our cover is different in that we show the world how sophisticated and forward-thinking American design is! As a brand with a wealth of experience spanning over 127 years of design, we felt this was a unique opportunity to show trendsetters around the world that we are capable of both. to embrace our past and always be on the cusp of what is to come. in the world of design. The fabrics on the covers are crisp, special and extraordinarily elegant.

The Cabana x Schumacher issue hits US newsstands on November 12. In the meantime, click through the slideshow to see all of Cabana’s Schumacher covers.

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