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Carbon Tribunal News – Times News Online

Credit defaults

The following actions have been filed by credit card companies, or their collection agencies, for alleged defaults on credit card/loan accounts.

Synchrony Bank, Canonsburg, sued Jason Scheckler, 1925 Stagecoach Road W., Palmerton, seeking $8,964.39.

Midland Credit Management Inc., Philadelphia, filed the following actions: Louise Edmonds, 326 W. Iron St., Summit Hill, claiming $7,378.85; Christopher Ingraham, 160 Elmwood Drive, Albrightsville, asking $5,471.46; Todd Rehrig, 52 Dieters Hill Road, Lehighton, asking for $1,454.80; Darren Reinart, 829 Center St., Jim Thorpe, asking $2,920.05; Ryan D. Boileau, 623 North St., Jim Thorpe, asking $1,661.57; Colby S. Chew, 627 E. Ridge St., Lansford, asking $1,967.12; Stephen Tupper, 770 Log Fence Road, Palmerton, asking for $2,942.84; Melissa E. Fox, 235 Spring Road, Palmerton, looking for $8,182.35

Discover Bank, Philadelphia, brought the following actions: James Piccerillo, 55 Sei Pike Lane, Lehighton, seeking $8,676.53; Margaret Henderickson, 885 Station St., Lehighton, asking $12,693.09; Daniel L. Schaffer, 80 Third Ave., Lehighton, seeking $12,230.77; John Howersr, 696 Chapel Drive, Lehighton, asking $16,463.48; Nicole O’Toole, 85 Gower Road, Albrightsville, asking for $9,623.11; Ricky E. Contresas, 47 Amber Lane, Lehighton, asking $3,171.24

Onemain Financial Group, Evansville, Indiana, filed the following actions: Joshua J. Troxell, 487 Schleicher Lane, Lehighton, asking for $7,659.70; Julie Harris, 353 Bridge St., Lehighton, asking $12,503.28; and Holly C. Christopher, 709 E. Lizard Creek Road, Lehighton, asking $12,824.05.

Capital One Bank, Glen Allen, Va., filed the following actions: Joan L. Newsome, 134 Pinoak Drive, Jim Thorpe, asking for $4,109.29; Antonio Monge, 450 N. First St., Lehighton, is asking for $2,501.46.

TD Bank, Canonsburg, sued Donald S. Vanbilliard, 230 S. Sixth St., Lehighton, seeking $1,521.16.

LVNV Funding, Greensville, SC, filed the following actions: Melanie Ramos, 337 W. Ridge St., Lansford, asking for $1,079.41; Nickolas Pelo, 139 E. Hazard St., Summit Hill, asking for $2,249.01; Krista Fairchild, 1457 Dinkey Road, Lehighton, asking $858.54; and Wilfredo Dones, 61 Beaver Drive, Albrightsville, seeking $3,250.

Citibank, Fort Washington, sued Gary Stokes, 2530 Little Gap Road, Palmerton, seeking $6,609.57.

PNC Bank, Bensalem, sued Lisa A. Fritz, 400 Canal St., Lehighton, seeking $8,942.01.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, Norfolk, Virginia, brought the following actions: Matthew S. Beers, 390 Church Road, Palmerton, seeking $12,269.23; Grace Aguirre, 360 Old Stage Road, Albrightsville, asking $2,002.86; Rafael E. Rodriguez, 107 Alum St., Lehighton, asking $1,305.70; and Brian Ellis, 1505 Little Gap Road, Palmerton, looking for $2,251.58

Cavalry SPV I, Greenwich, Connecticut, filed the following actions: Belkis Richardson, 178 Brittany Drive, Albrightsville, seeking $26,390.83; and Juan G. Nova, 53 Broad St., Beaver Meadows, asking $4,144.97.

Mortgage foreclosures

The following actions were filed as mortgage foreclosures for alleged loan defaults.

US Bank Trust National Association, c/o 15480 Laguna Canyon Road, Irvine, CA, brought an action against Joseph P. Connaughton, 285 Pine Cove Court, Lehighton, regarding property at that address. Wanted is $238,305.23 and continuing interest.

MidFirst Bank, c/o 999 NW Grand Blvd., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, brought an action against Fred Valania, 803 S. Ridge Court, Hazle Township, and Angela M. Valania, 122 Horseshoe Lane, Lehighton, regarding property at 122 Horseshoe Lane. Wanted is $109,356.70 and continuing interest.

Primelending, c/o 18111 Preston Road, Dallas, Texas, brought an action against Holly and Kyle Gueder, 234 Rex Road, Lehighton, regarding a property at that address. Wanted is $107,579.33 and continuing interest.

Loan Defaults

First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union, 6126 Hamilton Blvd., Allentown, filed suit against Michael Eugene Brunell Jr., 260 Winter Mountain Road, Lehighton, alleging he breached a loan and security agreement for the purchase of two motor vehicles.

Wanted is $25,889.58 plus interest, fees and charges.

First Commonwealth brought an action against Timothy J. and Mary K. Patterson, 17 Placid Lane, Albrightsville, alleging breach of an installment retail contract for the purchase of a motor vehicle.

Wanted is $6,148.40 plus interest, fees and charges.

Billing for services

The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania, c/o 3451 Walnut St., Philadelphia, filed suit against William Summers, 79 Hemlock Drive, Jim Thorpe, alleging he owes an invoice for services rendered by plaintiff.

Wanted is $11,371.56 plus interest, fees and charges.

slip/fall combination

Judith and Joseph Veron, 16 E. Foster Ave., Coaldale, filed a civil action against Pencor Services Inc., 613 Third St. Palmerton; and Tam Realty Inc., 601 Columbia Ave., Palmerton.

The lawsuit says the defendants “owned, controlled, maintained and/or owned” property at 502 Delaware Ave., Palmerton.

The lawsuit says that on November 19, 2020, Judith Veron was walking on the sidewalk of the property in question when she was caused to slip and fall allegedly due to the unsafe conditions of the property, described in the lawsuit.

Damages in excess of $50,000 are sought on each of the two counts.

shockproof suit

Macy L. Litchauer, of 11 Chestnut Ridge Circle, Kunkletown, sued Jason D. Benscoter and Jessica L. Jones, 405 Lonesome Lane, Palmerton, for a car accident.

The lawsuit says that on June 15, 2020, the plaintiff was driving a 2007 Subaru Forester southbound on Little Gap Road, when the defendant, Benscoter, driving a 2015 Nissan Pathfinder, which belonged to the defendant Jones, was also southbound. on Little Gap Road. The lawsuit alleges that Benscoter attempted to pass Litchauer and quickly pulled his vehicle back into the southbound lane and cut in front of Litchauer. Litchauer could not stop quickly enough and ended up colliding with the vehicle being driven by Benscoter.

Negligence is alleged against Benscoter for the accident and the injuries suffered by the plaintiff, which are detailed in the lawsuit. Damages in excess of $50,000 are sought.

register of wills

Carbon County Registry of Wills and Orphans’ Court Clerk Jean A. Papay announced the following for the end of February.

Total number of files opened in the register of wills and clerk of the orphans’ court: testamentary/administration, 37; Disabilities/Guardianship, 0; Termination of parental rights, 2; Adoptions, 0; Recipes, 13; Affidavit of death, 0; Affidavit of Small Estate, 0; Miscellaneous, 2. Total open files, 54.

Total marriage licenses issued, 24; extensive genealogical research.

Acting Agent for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Revenue, for Estate Tax Collection: Collected, $390,591.88; Commission, $12,606.80 – transferred to Carbon County General Fund.

Total fees collected: county fees, $10,520.21; County general fund commission fee, $1,408.19. Total to county general fund, $25,648.30; forensic computer fee (State), $1,811.25; State Tax and Trust Fund (State), $492; county data processing fee, $930; automation fee, $375; marriage licenses, $1,440; guardianship follow-up fee, $150; and interest, $1.29.

Amanda P. Whitten