Check out Pierce Brosnan’s Paris lookalike on his latest magazine cover

Check out Pierce Brosnan’s Paris lookalike on his latest magazine cover


It is probably not surprising that the old 007 Pierce brosnan has not one but two model sons — 24 years old Dylan brosnan and 20 years old Paris Brosnan. But while you may not be familiar with their work, that is about to change. Wednesday, VMan magazine revealed that Paris Brosnan is one of the stars of its digital issue New Rulers. In addition to appearing on one of the covers, Brosnan has a full photoshoot and interview available on the website, in which he talks about modeling, painting, and his career ambitions.

The New Rulers issue features several promising youngsters in the entertainment industry, such as the rapper 24KGor and the TikTok star Noah Beck. Paris is featured because of her modeling career and her interest in art. At just 20 years old, he has already achieved several achievements in modeling with several magazine covers, including one with his father and brother, and tumbling down the high fashion catwalks. Now he is in college and looking forward to a career in the arts.

Read on to see the latest Paris coverage and find out more about what Paris and Dylan are up to. And for more on another famous kid turned model, check out Madonna’s daughter Lourdes looks like her in the new commercials.


In her interview, Paris spoke about her modeling career and her interest in fashion. “My relationship with fashion is intimate, it has been present all my life,” he said. “I grew up in a stylish family. I am grateful [to have] been introduced to many designers and friends through the fashion business. “

Paris is signed by Next Models and previously featured on the covers of GQ Korea, Number, Russian mountains, and teen vanity. He walked for Dolce & Gabbana, Balmain and in the Fashion for Relief show.

Pierce isn’t the only celebrity whose child has become a cover star: See Laura Dern’s model son on her first magazine cover.

Pierce, Dylan and Paris Brosnan on the cover of ODDA
ODDA Magazine

Pierce, Paris and Dylan appeared on the cover of ODDA magazine together in October 2019, wearing matching turtlenecks. And it is clear that Pierce is proud of his son. Paris turned 20 on February 27 and Pierce shared his wishes on Instagram. “Happy 20th birthday dear Paris always love, keep doing good things, life is about doing, working hard and laughing a lot along the way,” he wrote. “Be good, be kind, brave, curious and always on time. Daddy.”

Dylan is also a model and has worked with Burberry, YSL and Moschino, and has appeared in Vogue and Wonderland, among other journals. You might also recognize the Brothers from the 2020 awards season, when the Brosnan boys were Golden Globes ambassadors.

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Paris Brosnan and paintings
Paris Brosnan / Instagram

Paris currently attends Loyola Marymount University, and he said VMan, “Right now I’m passionate about my art. I painted at home throughout my forties and it has proven to be a great release and outlet for self-expression. because I don’t do it for anyone but myself. And if people like it, that’s just a bonus. ” Some of Paris’s paintings can be seen on her Instagram. He also painted the clothes worn in the VMan Photo shoot.

“Everything I paint comes to mind immediately,” he continued. “I take inspiration from the greats, but isn’t it all of us? I continue to learn and enjoy the process. I hope to have a gallery show soon.”

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Pierce Brosnan works on art
Pierce Brosnan / Instagram

If Pierce Brosnan is known as an actor, he is also a painter. You can see a video showing some of his paintings on Instagram. In the post, he explains, “At the end of last year I was supposed to have my first show in Santa Monica, well, that was put on hold. In the meantime, we continue to work on our creative life.”

In another Instagram post, Pierce said he painted during breaks from his first James Bond film, Golden eye. A painting he did at the time was released earlier this year as a limited edition print.

Although he is not a visual artist, his son Dylan is also an artist: he plays music in a band called Raspberry Blonde. He graduated from the University of Southern California last year.

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