Company Spotlight: Fastly – Magazine Articles

Company Spotlight: Fastly – Magazine Articles


What is your business doing and what is your USP?

Fastly helps great businesses do great things online. Chances are, you use Fastly’s technology on a daily basis. If you read The Guardian, BuzzFeed, or The New York Times, listen to Spotify, shop online at Boots, Reiss, and La Redoute, order on Deliveroo, book a trip on KAYAK or Airbnb, use GitHub and New Relic for work, or use Pinterest – Fastly makes this possible. Business is the cornerstone of these rich online experiences, sitting in the background, ensuring that the most popular online destinations are always fast, secure and scalable.

In today’s internet climate, users demand a secure, fast and reliable online experience. By enabling developers to build better, more scalable applications on its platform, Fastly enables effortless innovation and lower infrastructure costs, and is ideal for handling today’s massive and distributed attacks, blocking ways proactively activates threats at the edge where they encounter users.

How do you ship on this USP?

Fastly was born out of the frustration of legacy cloud infrastructure and content delivery network (CDN) providers. Essentially, a CDN moves content closer to consumers – or caches it – to take the strain off a company’s back-end servers. Traditional CDNs were born in the early days of the web and could only cache static content like images – content that hasn’t changed over time.

What we’ve done is enable our customers to also cache dynamic content – content that changes due to the environment, whether it’s breaking news, what’s in stock on an e-commerce site, a live match report that changes quickly but unpredictably or even personalized content. served to the user.

We are able to increase our customers’ conversion rates by delivering pixel-perfect, image-rich experiences quickly and reliably on web and mobile platforms. We improve the speed and scalability of our customers’ sites and applications to update and deliver content in real time, ensuring end users have a fast experience, anytime, anywhere in the world. world.

Fastly is highly programmable, allowing our clients’ ecommerce, mobile and security development teams to focus their resources on what matters most by freeing them from manual processes. Finally, we ensure that our customers can build trust with their customers by securing their data without sacrificing performance and protecting it against common security threats.

What are the main challenges for retailers that you are helping solve?

Sites need to be responsive and quick to be successful. For retail customers, if it’s quick, you’ll be looking at a lot of products. If it is slow, you will be frustrated and abandon your cart.

Second, there is security. This covers everything from the need for a firewall to distributed denial of service attacks, where a massive amount of traffic comes to your site so the servers are overloaded. During peak season, retailers also experience spikes in traffic, so it can be difficult to tell the difference between good and bad traffic.

The old approach was to just blacklist the suspicious traffic, but if you can’t separate that good and bad traffic, you can blacklist the bad traffic.

We use intelligence and analytics to make this distinction so that you can continue to support the right traffic.

Which retailers do you work with?

It’s a mix between traditional retailers and the platforms people rely on. Boots was a fairly early customer in the UK. In Europe, we have La Redoute and Daniel Wellington. We also work with Wayfair, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. In addition to traditional retailers, we have online players like the Dollar Shave Club and Etsy. We also work with Shopify and Magento Cloud.

What are your plans for the next five years?

We are adding more features regarding integration with third parties and compliance with rules such as GDPR. We also explore security and advanced computing.

There are other initiatives, including increasing visibility and observability. Basically everything that helps us in our mission to help the biggest sites in the world but also those who aspire to be.

Give us your pitch in one sentence.

For online retailers, we secure and protect them, help them grow and save them money, while improving the user experience.


Amanda P. Whitten

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