Company Spotlight: Luminati – Magazine Articles

Company Spotlight: Luminati – Magazine Articles


What is your business doing and what is your USP?

To stay competitive and relevant, global brands need data, which comes mostly from the internet. Whether it is for the purpose of price comparison or checking the catalogs of other companies, a company must have open and unhindered access to online domains containing this data.

Access to this critical data is not that easy. Most of the time, if Company # 1 tries to collect data on a large scale from Company # 2’s website, Company # 1 will either be blocked or disseminate deceptive content by the n ° 2. If the average consumer visits # 2’s site, they will be able to see it seamlessly. So how can the No.1 company (and many others like it) harness the kind of power consumers hold and access an open and honest internet?

Simple: an IP proxy network (IPPN). Luminati, the largest operator of this service, allows leading retail brands, including Fortune 500 companies, top travel sites, and some of the most well-known names in security and advertising, to seeing the Internet through the eyes of an average audience. consumer.

We harness the power of 35 million IP addresses located around the world. As part of our global IPPN / residential proxy network, these IP addresses belong to 35 million consumers, each of whom has voluntarily opted in, in return for access to ad-free applications. Routing traffic through the IP addresses of global consumers gives our 10,000+ customers a seamless and unlimited view of the Internet – just like the view seen by their own customers.

We are also 100% transparent ourselves: Luminati requires the explicit and clear consent of its network of peers and we impose rigorous compliance procedures on all of our customers.

How do you ship on this USP?

We make sure you never get stuck. A business using our IPPN may choose to view the internet (or domain) from a specific location, on a specific device, and from a specific service provider.

Company n ° 1 could, for example, check how a Brussels consumer using an Android phone sees the catalog of an e-commerce site, compared to the vision of a Bangkok consumer browsing using his PC. .

A consumer’s IP address is only used by our IPPN when their device is idle and with sufficient battery. However, the breadth of our global network means that brands can choose from millions of specific IP addresses to quickly and easily collect online market information, already available in the public domain.

This market knowledge is priceless: brands need real-time, accurate and precise information to make the best business decisions, to set competitive prices for their products and services, and ultimately to remain them- same efficient and competitive.

How would you describe your vision?

As the inventor of IPPN and a pioneer in the field, Luminati has been committed since its inception to the transparency of the Web for the benefit of all its customers and all its customers (consumers) around the world.

Today, we continue to innovate and develop the kind of cutting-edge technology needed to keep the Internet open and transparent. We allow each of our many and varied clients (from global companies to small start-ups) to see the Internet through the eyes of real consumers (where and as these companies choose), lifting the veil of the Internet that exists today.

How are you using emerging technologies to support growth?

Luminati’s IPPN offers retailers one of the only ways to manage the ever-changing, data-heavy internet space. Staying competitive depends on intelligence gathering, and with the scale of information on the Internet skyrocketing, next-generation IPPN technology is crucial. We’re investing a lot to make sure that our infrastructure can be easily integrated with retailers’ existing systems, which means these companies can start gathering market intelligence as quickly as possible and start making more accurate business decisions.

We also design proprietary technology specifically for online retailers, allowing them to collect market information on a large scale with almost no need to understand and do the coding themselves. Not all of our clients are data scientists and technology experts, so our technology does all the work for them and allows them to focus on their own core business.

What do you think are the challenges retailers and suppliers will face in the coming years? How are you prepared to meet these challenges?

Data is an opportunity, but also a major challenge. Businesses need to be able to sift through the huge amounts of irrelevant and inaccurate information online, and extract only the most valuable and relevant to their business.

Many retailers are already using sophisticated algorithms for automated product pricing, for example, which means competitors have to be just as quick and dynamic to access this information. There is therefore a huge need for real-time, accurate and large-scale intelligence gathering.

We are always looking to the future, which is why our current goal is to meet both the need for extreme precision and the need for speed. We strive to optimize the speed at which each brand is able to access data at scale. Our expanding global network and dozens of daily software updates are testament to our work in meeting this huge demand.

With years of industry experience, a rapidly developing network, and innovators continually working behind the scenes, Luminati is in a unique position to forecast market trends and ensure that each of our clients can collect quickly. and quickly competitive and accurate market information.

Luminati in brief

Founded: 2014
Headquarters: Netanya, Israel
Customers: 10,000

Employees: 120


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