Cover of “The Umbrella Academy” magazine

Cover of “The Umbrella Academy” magazine

Since the day the first issue arrived in bookstores, The Umbrella Academy stirred the hearts of millions of comic book fans. Gerard Road and artist Gabriel BaThe Chronicle of the Dysfunctional Hargreeves family was a story that simply couldn’t be returned to the printed page. When netflix signed to produce the title as a live-action series two years ago, the excitement was palpable. And it will only get wilder. Alternative Press has teamed up with Netflix to create this official first look at YOUthe second season of, which will premiere on July 31.

When we last saw our numerically appointed heroes in Season 1, they had obliterated the moon and averted the apocalypse in nanoseconds. But being a blink away from getting blown up was the least of their worries. Number Five (Aidan Gallagher) repeatedly warned his brothers about the risk of using his powers to escape their sister Vanya (aka number sevenplayed by Ellen Page) and his attempt at armageddon in 2019.

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As a result, the team was dispersed over time. In this case, the decade of the 60s. Of course, it is difficult to meet for birthdays, barbecues in the garden and funerals. But going through the universe timeline brought them back to the same old problem. Namely, the death of the planet by nuclear annihilation.

AltPress spoke with key players responsible for bringing YOU on your favorite streaming service. Showrunner Steve Blackman explained his unique take on the Hargreeves’ family dynamics and why they exchange more dialogue than your typical wonder movie cast. Executive producer Jeff F. King offers insight into the collaborative working relationship his team had with Way and Bá. VFX Editor/Associate Producer Everett Burell discusses the challenges of making the end times the time of your life.

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Naturally, we have exclusive interviews with the seven “children” of Hargreeves. Page talks about Vanya’s search for self, spanning seasons and transcending decades. Tom Hopper (Luther, Number one) reveals his character’s coming-of-age story, thrust into the depths of adulthood and having to find a real job to pay the bills. Aidan Gallagher believes he is a 58-year-old assassin trapped in the body of a teenager. David Castaneda (Diego, Number two) kicks all your ass on screen and does it in a completely original way. (No Wolverine or Batman moves for him, thanks.) Emmy Raver Lampman (Allisson, number three) fights more than supervillains and with her siblings, focusing on how important the role is to her this season. Robert Sheehan (Klaus, number four) discusses his character’s new ’60s perspective, going from addiction train wreck to becoming an object of worship. Justin H. Min (well, number six) recalls the freedom he felt embellishing the character rarely seen in comics, making him resonate louder.

In honor of the Hargreeves family, we couldn’t resist jumping back in time to find out what lies ahead. (That is, if there were to be a third season.) We’ve got some first-hand scoops of what we might see in the future.

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Naturally, given Way’s musical experience with My Chemical Romance and his solo career, the soundtrack of The Umbrella Academy reserves sonic surprises. Only Way could spin lyrics about the end of the world (“Here Comes the End”) in the song of your summer. music supervisor Jen Malone told us what key elements go into the show’s soundtrack.

If you have already opened one of Umbrella Academy graphic novels, researched a variant cover, or just watched the first season in a weekend, this issue of AP is essential. It’s the perfect companion for new viewers and diehard stans alike. Did we mention the beautiful behind-the-scenes photos, headshots, and action-packed footage from the series? Not to mention the two amazing blankets that will sit perfectly in the shrine you will inevitably build for the show.

Prepare a new pot of coffee. Make yourself a peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich and get cozy with your model companion. Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy be there soon. But AltPress has everything you need to know, first here

Amanda P. Whitten