Create a Music Track NBA 2K23 Slam Magazine Cover Quest

If you don’t know how create music track in nba 2k23 quest slam magazine cover, honestly, I don’t blame you. It’s quite tricky. For one thing, you have to figure out where the recording studio is, and that’s a problem in itself. On top of that, the recording process is pretty clunky, controls-wise. That’s why, in this guide, we’ll walk you through the process, step by step.

Create a Music Track NBA 2K23 Slam Magazine Cover Quest

How to Create a Music Track in NBA 2K23 Slam Magazine Cover Quest

To create a music track for the NBA 2K23 Slam Magazine Cover quest, the first step is to go to Dreamville Studio. It is near the fortress of the Beast; we’ll show you exactly where it is in the screenshots below. It’s really hard to spot, because the panel is very small. It’s across the street from the tattoo studio, if that helps. Either way, enter the studio, walk past the lobby and straight into the check-in area. Interact with the chair in front of the mixer (aka the chair with the giant note icon above it). Now it gets a little tricky. Press Start and select MyBeats. Select the first empty slot. Next, hold down Start and L2 for a minute. There is a counter at the bottom right.

Next, to create a music track in the Slam Magazine Cover quest in NBA 2K23, release L2 and boot up and select Save Track. Then choose Delete and name your track. It can be literally anything. Confirm your choice and select Exit. Now leave the studio. Check the quest and the music track stage of the mission should be complete. Of course, you can put in a lot more effort and mix in a suitable song, maybe even add some details of your own. However, if you’re just looking to complete the quest, it’s a complete waste of time. Meeting these minimum requirements will be more than enough.

Amanda P. Whitten