Create your own digital magazine with Magma

Create your own digital magazine with Magma

LOS ANGELES — A new mobile app called Magma bills itself as a mix of mobile blogging and social media posting. It allows users to publish their content in the form of a digital magazine, called mag.

What do you want to know

  • Jake Warner and his friend Joey Chowaiki are the co-founders of Magma
  • Magma allows the user to publish content in a digital magazine format
  • According to Wagner and Chowaiki, Magma can help users save thousands of dollars if their main goal is just to share their work in a portfolio-style environment.
  • Magma is free for users

Jake Warner and his friend Joey Chowaiki said they created the app out of necessity and what the two said was a missing link in the world of content creation.

“I needed it for my job. Joey started one of the first social media marketing companies. It was a need from my side and Joey’s, based on the fact that he had creators, influencers, and brands coming in and telling him daily that they were stuck between a quick Instagram post and a YouTube video. financially progressive very time-consuming. Between all of this, they created a blog where they had to develop a website and have someone manage it. There was always a missing link,” Warner said.

How does the app work?

According to Warner and Chowaiki, Magma can help users save thousands of dollars if their main goal is just to share their work in a wallet-style environment. The app allows users to combine high definition photos, prints and videos into a digital magazine format. Content creators can then generate a link, which can be made public or private, to share with their audience. The link can be displayed in app or web display format.

Magma allows users to download or link videos.

Warner and Chowaiki said their app isn’t just about getting users to spend more time on a device, but rather about empowering users to create and consume valuable information. They said their app aims to stop endless scrolling of content created by an algorithm that thinks it knows a user based on likes and clicks. Besides being a one-stop-shop for creators, Magma allows users to spend more time consuming the information they choose rather than spending endless time scrolling.

“We’re in a time where Instagram is giving that stigma where it’s fast-paced content. I’d say 70% don’t react to this complete caption because there’s this whole ideology of a quick swipe, swipe, tap, tap. Magma is all user-generated content (UGC). We’re trying to change the way people deliver, create, and share amazing content,” Chowaiki said.

At a time when everyday activities have gone virtual due to the ongoing pandemic, Magma offers creators the ability to deliver their content to their audiences directly on their mobile devices.

Mag links generated directly on Magma can also help with view count and SEO (search engine optimization).

“It stimulates and helps with SEO. We index certain words in Google. When you post a Mag, you get clicks and Google ranking hires,” Warner said.

What about all the information collected?

Magma said it collects data, but Warner and Chowaiki assure users that the data is only used for the benefit of users.

“We don’t sell our data,” Chowaiki said.

“A huge difference between our platform and others is that we don’t try to keep a user on Magma unless it benefits them,” Warner said.

Warner and Chowaiki said they are very passionate about content and mobile apps.

“We do this because we see a need in the market, and we’re just trying to provide a tool that anyone can use – that’s the end goal,” Warner said.

Could Magma become another disinformation tool?

The creators said Magma’s content should be considered opinion, or editorial, rather than factual data.

“Everything you read should be read as opinion rather than fact,” Warner said.

The two said there is a system to block content deemed harmful, dangerous or inappropriate.

For now, Warner and Chowaiki said Magma is completely free to use, but as the app continues to roll out, there will be additional features that will cost a fee. Even so, they said it would be for people who want to use Magma professionally. One of the features expected to roll out soon will allow creators to monetize their own content.

Amanda P. Whitten