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In each interview, the actors stress the importance of ensuring that LGBTQ+ people are portrayed on screen in a way that makes sense and builds on each character’s journey, making a very real impact on the fans of the series. Beyond that, it has become a family.

For Emily Coutts, who plays Lt. Commander Keyla Detmer, the family she found in the cast and crew of Discovery helped her open up about her own sexuality. In fact, Coutts credits the season two finale as the last influence she needed to feel comfortable dating others. After learning that the Discovery crew would be launching together more than 900 years into the future, Coutts recalled thinking, “This is where I’m at in my life right now. I can stay where things are comfortable. Or I can go and grow in myself, and really get out there, and tell everyone, and celebrate that, and go forward, whatever that brings. She went on to say, “I was inspired to have the courage to finally come out and tell people I was gay and to believe that my future would be beautiful if I lived openly and freely. I truly am grateful for this experience and proud of me to have taken the plunge.

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Amanda P. Whitten