FlipHTML5 Unveils Digital Magazine Creator to Create Modern Magazines

FlipHTML5 Unveils Digital Magazine Creator to Create Modern Magazines

Digital magazines have long since overtaken print. Their convenience and ease of use make them more attractive to an ever-changing technological market. Both traditional publishers and newcomers to the publishing scene may find creating a digital magazine a daunting task. But a digital magazine maker is the simple solution. And FlipHTML5 is ideal. It takes all the hassle out of creating a digital magazine, producing a professional and engaging result. It’s perfect for beginners and seasoned pros alike.

FlipHTML5’s digital magazine maker allows publishers to take their readers on breathtaking journeys without them leaving their seats. It starts with automatically converting static images and text in PDF, PPT or Word format into dynamic flipbooks. The process is fast, resulting in page-turning digital magazines that have the feel of a print magazine but more advanced features. Beautiful templates and themes guarantee a professional finish. They are all customizable so editors can add their colors and fonts and even save the settings for future use.

One of the main challenges readers face with static digital publications is endless scrolling. This digital magazine creator addresses this by providing easier navigation methods. Publishers can add a clickable table of contents and thumbnails, as well as enable the search function. Readers can move between pages by pressing the corners of the pages, using the next and previous buttons, or scrolling if they prefer. Auto flip is also available.

FlipHTML5’s digital magazine maker takes the reading experience to another level. Beyond brilliant images, it allows editors to include audio, videos, photo galleries, polls, and more. in their magazines. This is made possible by the powerful online media editor. It also improves a key aspect of all magazines – advertising. By adding hotspots and hyperlinks that direct readers directly to advertisers’ websites or online stores, the digital magazine creator makes conversion much easier.

FlipHTML5 offers more than a digital magazine maker. It also provides free online hosting for digital magazines, including a virtual library to store multiple publications. Publishers can also sell their magazines on FlipHTML5 commission-free. SEO features are available to improve search engine rankings.

According to FlipHTML5 CEO Winston Zhang, “This digital magazine creator is making waves in the publishing industry.”

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