Former WWE Smackdown star Chelsea Green appears in her first magazine cover


Chelsea Green dreamed of becoming a huge WWE Superstar, but she didn’t have the opportunity on Smackdown. The brilliant talent was released from WWE before she had a chance to shine and make an impression on the fans. This happened during the ThunderDome era in the business with no fans present. Then she was injured and fired before she even made her return to television.

It came as a shock to her, as well as to the WWE Universe, as the company’s budget-cutting policy pulled her out of the big leagues. That didn’t stop Chelsea Green from striving to reach the top as she continued to present all possible ideas for staying with WWE. Once her stint was over, she performed in renowned independent companies while attracting the attention of the general public.

Chelsea Green unveiled her latest project, a cover photo for Fitness Girls Canada, last month. To delight fans, more sensual snaps of the former WWE Smackdown star have now been released. According to the pro wrestling star, the magazine will be released on November 12 and would be available in both digital and traditional print formats.

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Ex-WWE Smackdown star Chelsea Green appears in her first magazine cover 2

Ex-WWE Smackdown star Chelsea Green featured in her first magazine cover 3

Chelsea Green did a project with Fitness Gurls

Fitness Gurls magazine also posted footage from their cover shoot with the ROH / Impact Wrestling star. Chelsea Green promoted their very first magazine cover, the new December / January issue of Fitness Gurls. The online issue was released while it hits newsstands this week.

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“MY FIRST COVER [maple leaf emoji] thank you @fitnessgurls @fitnessgurlscanada for inviting me to your family! she wrote on Instagram.

Chelsea Green dreams of posing for Playboy magazine in the near future. Being with WWE, she would never be allowed to embark on a non-PG project. But now she’s free to do whatever she wants outside of the business.

“I change into my outfit, I put on my lip gloss, I have my eyeshadow, my little skinny eyebrows and I have my heels,” Chelsea Green recalls of her first try for Playboy when appearing on she. Podcast. “I decided to go for a little hot pink bra and underwear set and thought I looked like the fucking cat meow. I was like, ‘There’s no way they won’t choose me.’ (Quotes courtesy of


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