Instagram Launches First Edition of ‘Instagram Insider’ Digital Magazine, Highlighting Platform Trends

Instagram Launches First Edition of ‘Instagram Insider’ Digital Magazine, Highlighting Platform Trends


It’s interesting – today, Instagram has released the first edition of its new ‘Instagram Insider‘digital magazine, which aims to highlight the main content trends, based on Instagram activity, as well as influential creators on the platform.

As explained by Instagram:

If you’ve ever spent an indulgent weekend afternoon browsing your feed, your Explore or Buy tab, liking and saving posts, then this zine is for you! “Instagram Insider” is all about inspiration and discovery – not just trends (artisan quilted fashion! Adhesive beauty products! Vintage streetwear!), But the people behind them. “

The 9-page magazine, which you can download in PDF form, includes overviews of the top trends on the rise, with sample images and links to the top designers to follow.

Instagram Insiders Magazine

It also features brief profiles of selected designers, as well as advice on emerging trends.

Instagram Insider Magazine

Instagram also answers some key and common platform questions in the final section:

Instagram Insiders Magazine

A summary of IG’s questions and answers here:

  • Profile verification is only available for profiles that represent “a well-known and highly sought-after person or brand”
  • Hashtags are “the primary means” by which people search for and discover content on Instagram, and you should add three to five highly relevant hashtags to all of your posts (don’t add too many)
  • Instagram is currently testing a new option that allows users to show or not the total number of likes on their posts (more information here)
  • Instagram is working on new link options in Stories (probably referring to its upcoming link stickers) that could make Stories links available to all users.

Some handy background information, and it’s an interesting guide overall, with a range of helpful notes and tips on top trends and tips.

The magazine is basically designed to appeal to users and those looking for what to buy via Instagram trends, but it also provides a lot of food for thought for marketers and advertisers. Based on this, you might be able to find some new angles to shape your own Instagram strategies, while the Q&A section could also be helpful in answering some of your questions.

Either way, it’s short, it’s free, and you can download it. here. It’s worth checking out when you get the chance.


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