iPhone 12 versus the best Android phones

iPhone 12 versus the best Android phones

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In the February issue

In the February issue, we pit the iPhone 12 against Android’s best phones. Discover the 7 ways iOS 14 protects your privacy. We also have reviews of the iPad Air, iPhone 12 mini, and HomePod mini.

Also in this month’s issue:

Mac user: How to fix iOS apps on Mac, the most disappointing feature of Mac M1. Additionally, Apple is working on its first cellular modem that could bring 5G to the MacBook.

• Mac user reviews: Sabrent XTRM-Q SSD, Tripp Lite SmartPro Interactive Sine Wave Inverter

iOS Center: Apple’s App Store priorities for the coming year. Also, AirDrop is great for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, but we have some ideas to make it even better.

iOS Central Reviews: iPhone 12 mini, Apple MagSafe Duo charger

Working Mac: Screen incompatibility in Keynote? There is a button to adjust this. Plus Parallels Desktop 16 reviews, nifty file lists

Playlist: HomePod mini review: Small sound and familiar frustrations.

Mac 911: Coping With Inconsistent Face Recognition in Apple Photos, How to Use Optimize Mac Storage with iCloud Drive to Pack Videos in Cluttered Mac

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