Jeff Bezos is on the wrong cover of an Indian magazine

Jeff Bezos is on the wrong cover of an Indian magazine


The attacks don’t stop there. The September 5 issue of Panchjanya featured, in a similarly unflattering light, Narayana Murthy, co-founder of software company Infosys Ltd. level of unfounded accusations that have made many members of the country’s private sector nervous. “There are allegations that the management of Infosys is deliberately trying to destabilize the Indian economy,” he said. Interestingly, Murthy, now just a major shareholder of Infosys, owns, through his family office, three-quarters of Cloudtail, the biggest seller of products made by others on the Amazon website. in India. Amazon owns the rest. Facing close scrutiny from large resellers logged into the retail website, the partners agreed to dissolve the joint venture by next year. (Murthy has not commented publicly on the article, while the RSS has sought to distance itself by saying the magazine was not his spokesperson.) The slanderous allegations are only part of the problem. As the Canadian communications theorist Marshall McLuhan said, the medium is the message. The RSS, an all-male organization of small traders, builders and businessmen, can be a formidable enemy, especially in the current climate of strident economic nationalism in India.


Amanda P. Whitten

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