Jeff Mills Announces New Digital Magazine, The Escape Velocity

Jeff Mills has announced plans for a digital magazine.

The legendary Detroit-born DJ and producer, who recently launched a jazz project alongside Jean-Phi Dary, has announced details of a new digital publication called The Escape Velocity Magazine.

Coming in via Mills’ Axis Records imprint, the quarterly magazine will be “focused on all things that inspire creativity”, with the first issue slated for Spring 2021.

A tweet from Mills’ Twitter account states that the magazine’s overall goal “is to be able to chart their creative journeys and paths to have more impact”, and according to The Vinyl Factory, the content is “music driven and focused. and everything you need to design it.

You can check out Mills’ tweet below.

Last November, Mills announced the re-release of his 1997 classic, “The Bells.” He also released an album commemorating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.

Amanda P. Whitten