July / August digital magazine Infrastructure Intelligence is now available

July / August digital magazine Infrastructure Intelligence is now available


The latest digital edition of Infrastructure intelligence has a decidedly future look, with articles on an essential debate on industry contracts, the future of rail and a must-see report on net zero, according to the publisher Andy walker.

While we look forward to better days to come (hopefully) as we step out of pandemic restrictions, there is a clearly future theme in this issue of the magazine. Our interview with the brilliant Emma-Jane Houghton is a must read and the live recording of the conversation I had with her about the future of our industry is also worth watching.

We cover the government’s future plans for the rail network in the wake of the Williams review and the industry’s response to it and also take a look at what the public domain might look like after Covid, as well as how it can be shaped into one. more diversified place of reception and reception for all communities.

Our coverage of the big deal debate we hosted with Atkins provides insight into how the industry should frame its trade agreements going forward. Spoiler alert – contracts must change to support the digital transformation of the sector. We also shine the spotlight on the future of work and ask if we’ll all be sitting at a desk in town or in a friend’s room in the months and years to come.

More importantly, four months before the UK hosts the COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow, we also take a look at the current state of play in the industry and the country’s race to net zero. There are still big challenges ahead in this area and, frankly, the jury is still out on whether this race will be won.

Thank you for your continued support of Infrastructure Intelligence and I hope you enjoy this issue of the magazine.

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Andy Walker is the editor of Infrastructure intelligence.

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