June 2021 IOL Travel’s free digital magazine reveals the trend at work

June 2021 IOL Travel’s free digital magazine reveals the trend at work


Through Clinton moodley June 9, 2021

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A change of scenery is just what it takes to get you out of your work-related slump.

And, if you are fortunate enough to work remotely, then a workation (also spelled workcation) is a perfect way to continue your daily work tasks while you find time to explore a new destination.

Remote working is nothing new – digital nomads have been doing it for years. However, the pandemic has made it possible for more people to work in a different setting, whether it is a beach getaway, a safari, or a city break.

If you’re curious about the work trend and want to plan one, then our June 2021 edition of the IOL Travel digital magazine has everything you need to get started.

We offer five easy steps to plan your work / exploration trip and explore the wellness benefits of taking a job.

If your trip is to South Africa, we have business-friendly hotels that offer strong signal and super-fast fiber, among other attractive amenities.

We also list some great international countries for out of office travel that offer great sights and things to do. Clinton Moodley shares her first working trip to BlackBrick Sandton just over a month and a half ago.

He spent three nights at the super cool new property.

He said the trip helped him become more calm and productive, and he found the perfect balance between work and exploration.

Author and TV personality Zareef Minty also shares some of his work tips. As a frequent traveler, Minty spoke about how the works encouraged him to become innovative in his businesses.

There is plenty of other content to inspire your next work trip.

Read this month’s edition here.


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