Kuruma NFT and RACER Launch Magazine Cover Art Collection

Kuruma NFT and RACER Launch Magazine Cover Art Collection


Immediately following the announcement of the industry’s first ‘autoversy’, where users can buy, sell and trade NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) in a dedicated online environment, Kuruma NFT Inc. today announced that it associates with RUNNER magazine. In addition to playing a role as a launch partner of Kuruma, RUNNER will feature illustrations from many of his most memorable covers as NFT.

The new partnership will allow car enthusiasts and art collectors to purchase unique digital images of the magazine’s most famous covers. The owner will own a unique and exclusive work of art that will last forever. The special RUNNER collections will begin with works by automotive artist Paul Laguette, such as those pictured above.

“We are delighted to collaborate with an iconic brand such as RUNNER. The magazine has been the standard in motorsport publishing since its inception 30 years ago, covering everything from Formula 1 to vintage competition. And the illustrations that adorned many of its covers are true works of art, ”said Taro Koki, President and CEO of Kuruma NFT Inc.

Paul Pfanner, Founder, President and CEO of Racer Media & Marketing, added: “It was an easy decision for our RUNNER team to choose to work with Taro and Kuruma NFT. Taro has a track record of success and an understanding of the unique opportunities to RUNNER and the racing community we serve.

Here are examples of amazing works of art by Paul Laguette that graced RACER will cover in 2021 and will be available as NFT on KurumaNFT.com. To stay up to date with future announcements, be sure to visit KurumaNFT.com and sign up for the newsletter.

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Amanda P. Whitten