Latest MagPi Magazine Features Fun With Electronics

Latest MagPi Magazine Features Fun With Electronics

The latest issue 115 of the official MagPi magazine is now available for download as a digital copy or for physical purchase from your local newsagents. Providing a wealth of projects focused on “serious fun with electronics”. Along with many other great items such as a giant Raspberry Pi 3, recreating a classic Sol-20 terminal computer, Fancy Octopus Arcades and more.

“Electronic constructs are the heart and soul of Raspberry Pi. It’s the wires and components that make Raspberry Pi special. You can turn a Raspberry Pi into a weather station or a talking, walking robot. And with a few wires and the right components, Raspberry Pi can become just about anything. This month we’re taking electronics seriously. It’s really fun. Learn how to wire the kit and components to the Raspberry Pi using breadboards, wires, and HATs (Hardware Attached on Top). Check out the amazing things you can do with Raspberry Pi. More! Electronics expert Simon Monk has written a brand new getting started guide for us. This month Now is the time to get serious about making your own electronics.

“In March, we invite you to participate in our annual community collaboration event. #MonthOfMaking is the time to start that project you’ve been putting off and get the job done with the help of the community. Recreation of a classic Sol-20 terminal computer This magnificent computer arrived 45 years ago, where it claimed to be the first fully assembled microcomputer with an integrated keyboard and television output. We love a good retro project here at MagPi, and Michael Gardi’s recreation of the Sol-20 with Raspberry Pi at its core certainly counts.

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