Launches the very first issue of the digital magazine

Launches the very first issue of the digital magazine


The monthly issue will focus on the successes of iDonate customers and the impact they are having in the community.

iDonate, the leading provider of digital giving systems, has launched the very first issue of its digital magazine, Connected Giving. This monthly magazine aims to highlight the work of iDonate clients and the change they are creating in their community, as well as the giving platform provided by iDonate. Each issue will feature a feature story from one of iDonate’s clients, relevant topics on the state of charitable fundraising and how iDonate is helping clients and the industry make the transition to a modern and more effective form of giving.

“We’re excited to highlight some of our great customers, innovative ideas, fundraising techniques and new things from iDonate every month,” said iDonate CEO Ray Gary. “These are organizations that apply our fundamental principles of connected giving to develop their relationships with their supporters. Our clients do an amazing job in their community, and we want to share these stories with the world. ”

The magazine’s title, Connected Giving, comes from iDonate’s thought leadership initiative to transform the relationship between donors and nonprofits, and the idea behind how donors give. A one-time donation is only useful in the short term. To be a successful long-term nonprofit, recurring donations are necessary. A central tenet of Connected Giving is to put the donor first and ultimately build lifelong trust. As this relationship is strengthened, donors will align with the mission of the nonprofit, resulting in increased annual giving and donor retention.

To help them, customers use iDonate’s all-in-one digital donation system to manage all types of donations. The giving solutions provided by iDonate will be a key part of every connected donation issue, explaining how iDonate customers are using these features and how the nonprofit industry itself can benefit from a new way to fundraise. funds.

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About iDonate

iDonate is the leading provider of fundraising software that exists to grow nonprofits and create a more giving world. Through giving channels such as website, peer-to-peer, text and events, nonprofits can provide donors with the personalized experiences they are accustomed to online. The digital giving system uses integrated payment applications, performance analytics and success coaching to ensure immediate and sustainable growth.


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