LinkedIn Releases New Digital Business Growth Tips Magazine

LinkedIn Releases New Digital Business Growth Tips Magazine


With the ongoing deployment of the vaccine gradually leading to new signs of hope for a return to normal life, many companies are now preparing for the next step and acceleration in business as new opportunities arise. present.

With that in mind, LinkedIn posted a new Digital magazine “Back to growth”, which provides a range of information, advice and expert interviews to help inspire brands to review and improve their post-COVID-19 strategies.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“Ready for business 2021 explores all that is involved in using digital marketing to drive growth and move your strategy forward. There is detailed information on identifying your most interesting audiences and engaging them when they are most receptive. We delve deeper into the growing importance of trust and thought leadership content in a post-pandemic world, highlight the changing nature of B2B buyer journeys, and share stories and strategies on how your marketing can inspire, entertain – and engage the enterprise-ready mindset at scale. “

The 50-page magazine, which you can download here, includes a series of helpful articles and notes, including the results of a new LinkedIn user study that sought to learn more about why people use the platform.

There are also case studies on how to best use LinkedIn ads and promotional tools.

LinkedIn magazine

As well as expert interviews and insights on key trends like virtual events, the evolving role of the CMO, and brand building. There are also helpful overviews of LinkedIn ad best practices and specifications.

LinkedIn magazine

There’s a bunch of information here, and if you’re looking to make LinkedIn a priority, or just want to better understand the latest trends and features on the platform, then it’s worth downloading – c It’s free, and the interviews alone are worth the time, even for experienced LinkedIn marketers.

You can download the digital magazine “Ready for Business 2021” from LinkedIn here.


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