Magazine articles optimized for reading on mobile phones

Magazine articles optimized for reading on mobile phones


Wordds is a new service that lets you read news articles and editorials published in ezines for free on your mobile phone. The site currently features content published in Wired, The New York Times, Business Week, Time, Economist, Salon, Newsweek and a dozen other popular media publications.

The site first aggregates all featured content from selected news magazines / websites by analyzing their feeds, then aggregates the individual stories by word count like 1000 words, 2000 words, etc. – it helps people decide which story to read or ignore based on the time available.

The layout looks different on desktop browsers, so be sure to type in your mobile phone’s web browser or an e-book reader like the Amazon Kindle for a real experience.

If you like a particular story or need to bookmark an article to read it later, you can do so using your existing Google Account. This increases the number of “likes” for that story, which is similar to a Digg-style vote.

Now the controversial part. Wordds links directly to the printable version of all those news articles which are generally free of ads or graphics and therefore load faster on mobile phones. Linking print versions of a story is not a good practice as it robs web publishers of potential revenue, but let’s see how they react.

The service may even make sense for users who might be using a desktop computer but with a slow internet connection. The printable version of news articles will load faster because they are devoid of bulky widgets and graphics.

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