Manufacturing Outlook magazine features an interview with 30-year food industry expert Lucia Falek by manufacturing journalist TR Cutler

Industry journalist TR Cutler recently interviewed Lucia Falek, an expert in food innovation for thirty years. Falek and Cutler discussed the innovation and culture needed in the food manufacturing sector. Read the article in the April issue of Manufacturing Outlook magazine. Lucia was also recently interviewed on the WAM (Women and Manufacturing) podcast.

According to Falek, “Innovation is at the heart of why the food industry is dynamic, interesting and constantly changing. Business leaders in the food industry must support a culture of food innovation based on new consumer buying patterns, product performance expectations, flavor palettes and the growing desire to experience the food differently. During COVID with fewer restaurants, more people stayed home and experimented with food, cuisine and flavors.

“My great hope for the industry as a whole would be a steady and meaningful improvement in process, people and product innovation that is culturally supported by food manufacturing management. flourish will result in great food products, happy employees and delighted customers,” added Falek.

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