May 2021 IOL Travel’s free digital magazine takes you to Africa

May 2021 IOL Travel’s free digital magazine takes you to Africa


Through Clinton moodley May 11, 2021

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I fell in love with Africa on my first trip to Mozambique over five years ago.

I landed at Vilankulo airport around noon and took a scenic drive along the colorful and bustling streets of town to a nearby beach, where our group traveled by boat to the island by Bazaruto. Once my toes touched the white sand beach of Bazaruto Island, I knew this trip was the first in a long series on the African continent.

My love for the destination prompted me to choose the theme for this month’s IOL Travel digital magazine, “The Africa Edition”.

There is no better time to celebrate this beautiful continent than during Africa Month.

The issue will fuel your urge to travel as we explore the various offerings from a culinary, cultural, historical and adventurous perspective.

Each page will transport you to a different destination, with tips on what to try.

We chat with Norwegian social worker Adrian Misfjord, who is currently on an epic five-month trip to various countries in Africa. He said he saw Africa as a poor place with dangerous people.

However, that all changed when he started exploring and found that Africa is full of rich experiences, warm people, and stunning landscapes. Discover his background on page 21.

We also feature five celebrities who have traveled the continent, from Will Smith to Naomi Campbell. Further reading includes 10 Tips for Preparing for Your Trip to Africa, and Dos and Don’ts before visiting the continent.

Read the May 2021 edition here.


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