MyDomaine launches its very first digital magazine

MyDomaine launches its very first digital magazine


“MyDomaine has always been a leading digital publication at the forefront of the design world, so our new magazine looks like the perfect next step. These quarterly issues will help us connect with millions of people passionate about design, in a new innovative way ”, declared Mélanie Berliet, SVP & General Manager of MyDomaine.

Each quarterly issue centers on MyDomaine’s commitment to fresh, highly organized content that helps readers cultivate a space they want to live and be entertained in. September issue has four sections that each include four stories, focusing on the future, past, present and timeless inspiration.

In her feature film, world-renowned model and cover star, Miranda Kerr, gives MyDomaine the grand tour of its Malibu home, which includes many pieces from the Miranda Kerr Home line (and a tub in the bedroom!). Kerr’s impeccable and savvy taste in design, combined with contextual looks at several pieces in its furniture line, exemplify the mission of digital magazine MyDomaine: to provide specialized content that appeals to design enthusiasts.

September issue also contains detailed stories, including an overview of TikTok’s influence on design, the concept of “Joy Decorating”, why people are buying more and more bullion coins and how over a year to the house has changed the world of design.

To know more and to read September issue, visit here.

About MyDomain

MyDomaine is a cutting-edge digital hospitality site that shares highly curated content for everyday decor enthusiasts and industry professionals. MyDomaine is committed to providing its 3 million unique monthly readers with practical advice, original news, disruptive trends and inspiration in the home and design space, all supported by experts.

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