Neuro Brilliant magazine features 22-year-old Knoxville man

Neuro Brilliant magazine features 22-year-old Knoxville man


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – A family travels the world and introduces inspiring people with disabilities. They do this through their online magazine.

The latest issue features a man right here in Knoxville.

“Neuro Brilliant is another term we coined to describe people who live with a disability or different disabilities. And it really is about people who have a disability, and despite the challenges they face, they shine their inner light into the world. Editor-in-chief Madeline Mink said.

Connie and Madeline Mink’s mother / daughter team imagined Neuro Brillant Magazine. It was inspired in part by Hayden Mink, who is autistic.

The digital publication is a specialist family magazine. It’s a resource for connecting families and sharing inspiring stories.

“It really started with exploring different profiles on Instagram and Facebook and we literally reached out to people who really inspired us,” said Connie Mink. She is the editor-in-chief.

Houston Vandergriff Instagram page focuses on international travel photography. Knoxvillian, 22, is the cover of this month’s edition: The ups of Down syndrome.

“So we shared his story because we wanted to show that it’s possible, even with different abilities, to really embrace the world. And we love how he does it,” Madeline said.

Katie Vandergriff is Houston’s mother.

“He has a great personality, he doesn’t meet strangers, he has so much joy and so much love in his heart for people. He’s definitely a sociable person,” she said. “We were very lucky to be able to travel and do things and he just opened so many doors, you know, again he never meets a foreigner. It doesn’t matter the language, it doesn’t matter the nonsense. , he just loves everyone. “

International travel is on hold for now, but he has a preferred destination.

“France” Houston said with confidence.

Houston’s parents love photography, and he earned a certificate in photography from the University of Tennessee.

He said he didn’t have a favorite travel photo because he loved them all.

He loves to be behind and in front of the camera. Actually, acting is his other passion.

Houston recently played a role in Homicide Hunter where his character was murdered.

He said from the experience, “I just had fun.”

He’s just having fun, whether it’s playing sports, acting or taking pictures all over the world.

Houston Vandergriff: Featured in Neuro Brilliant Magazine and shares their story to encourage others.

Katie said: “Families who are diagnosed with Down’s syndrome or, or other special needs, and they receive it with such sadness and, you know, we mean no no no, it’s a gift and it ‘is special and we want people to say congratulations. Instead of I’m sorry. ”

Neuro Brillant Magazine plans to offer a print edition at some point next year. And it can be a print on demand option.


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