New affordable resource launched to power digital magazine publishing and marketing systems

New affordable resource launched to power digital magazine publishing and marketing systems


Mequoda Pro

Do-it-yourself digital magazine and newsletter publishing tips have never been so accessible, easy to execute, and affordable!

After nearly two decades of helping large publishers launch and operate successful digital magazine publishing and marketing systems, Mequoda Systems is announcing a new affordable service for small publishers and startups to help bring the Mequoda’s expertise and valuable advice to a wider audience: by announcing Mequoda Pro!

Mequoda Pro was started to provide aspiring publishers with all the tools and resources to make money through digital publishing and marketing. Mequoda Pro members have instant access to many premium resources to keep publishing profitable, including these resources and benefits:

  • In-Depth Tutorials: A growing library of digital publishing and marketing tutorials, covering email templates, landing page templates, and web page templates. Members learn exactly how and why specific components work. And Mequoda Pro members receive 26 new tutorials over the coming year, one new tutorial every two weeks!
  • Training Programs: The essential library of topic-specific training videos and bonus articles that include best practices for digital publishing strategy, organic audience development, email capture testing, and marketing. email marketing strategy. And Mequoda Pro members get 4 new training programs in the coming year!
  • Course Insights: Mequoda Pro members get guided tours of in-depth tutorials, training programs, and other premium content, delivered via email twice a week by Editor-in-Chief Bill Dugan.
  • Mequoda Pro Support Service: Mequoda Pro members receive the entire team of Mequoda publishing and marketing professionals to answer specific questions, an exclusive benefit only to Mequoda Pro members!
  • Daily Posts: Mequoda Pro members receive the best digital publishing and marketing tips delivered every day of the week via email and posted to the Mequoda site.
  • FREEBIES: Mequoda Pro members receive thematic reports on the best ways to grow their digital publishing business.
  • Weekly Review: Mequoda Pro members receive a comprehensive summary of the Week’s Digital Publishing and Marketing content, emailed weekly.

“For years, prospects for our departments who couldn’t afford the hands-on, personalized work Mequoda Systems provides to larger publishers have asked me to develop a more basic program that takes advantage of all the expertise of the company. Mequoda team. Well, with the launch of Mequoda Pro, do-it-yourself digital magazine and newsletter publishing tips have never been so accessible, easy to execute and affordable, ”said Don Nicholas, CEO and Executive Editor of Mequoda.

“And by affordable,” Nicholas continues, “I mean our low-cost introductory offer that gives new Mequoda Pro members the chance to sample our material and get started with a powerful publishing and marketing system: just $ 12 for 12 weeks to try it! It’s a bold deal to make, but I have no doubts that any small publisher or startup that takes this advice will thrive. ”

Nicholas and his team also make a bold pledge to new Mequoda Pro members: double online publishing revenue. And that promise is backed by proven success with top Mequoda publishers who have taken the advice and doubled their own earnings. In addition, Mequoda Pro members who successfully follow all tips are promised:

  • The basics of digital publishing and marketing – all the strategies and tactics needed to make a publishing operation profitable and successful.
  • Time and money saving tactics with the best DIY publishing and marketing program on the planet!
  • Hands-on tools and templates (a comprehensive program with ‘show me how’ videos) to teach you exactly how to perform each critical publishing and marketing task.
  • What’s new, what works best and what doesn’t, with concise and impactful advice from the full team of Mequoda experts on hand to explain and mentor.
  • Access to industry leaders who are recognized publishing and marketing experts, available to answer specific questions from Mequoda Pro members!

Mequoda Chief Strategy Officer Kim Mateus points out that prospects of Mequoda Pro membership may even skip the initial commitment of the 12-week introductory offer for $ 12 and sample some of the content by downloading the one of the eight FREE, free reports designed to help troubleshoot publishing issues such as “Best Email Subject Lines for Selling Subscriptions and Memberships.” Or by attending one of the free publishing and marketing webinars developed and hosted by Mateus, such as the upcoming webinar on “Bring your new digital magazine idea to life. According to Mateus, “Anyone can try these free resources, to find out what we cover, before handing over $ 12 for 12 weeks, but we think you’ll find that this content is relevant and top notch, if you create and developing a successful digital magazine is your goal.

Mequoda Pro Editor-in-Chief Bill Dugan adds, “Prospects shouldn’t be fooled by the ‘do it yourself’ nickname. to their own devices. The big bonus of membership is the Mequoda Pro support service. Members, while using our tools and resources, can ask any question of our entire team of publishing and marketing professionals. It’s worth the price of admission on its own!

About Mequoda Pro: Mequoda Pro is an affordable new resource for small publishers and startups, providing the tools and resources to make money with any publishing and digital marketing operation. Members have instant access to many premium resources to ensure a profitable magazine or newsletter publishing business.

About Don Nicholas: Over his decades-long career, Mequoda CEO Don Nicholas has worked with colleagues, clients and partners to design digital publishing and marketing systems for over 300 magazines, newsletters, memberships, clubs and events. Don is currently an executive editor for the Mequoda Publishing Group which includes seven consumer magazines, 21 premium newsletters, three website portals and their associated daily newsletters.

Contact: To request free press access to Mequoda Pro, or to speak with a member of our team, please contact Christy Page at [email protected] or (617) 217-2559. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @Mequoda

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