New digital magazine focuses on hopeful science fiction

New digital magazine focuses on hopeful science fiction


Solarpunk magazine will feature fiction, essays, poetry and interviews about futuristic optimism.

courtesy of Solarpunk Magazine

“Demand utopia! That’s the tagline for a new digital magazine based in Eugene, Oregon. Solarpunk Magazine will focus on optimistic ideas about the future. What if humans unite to solve the climate crisis? What if people from marginalized groups all felt safe in society? The kind solarpunk imagine creative answers to these questions. Solarpunk magazine will feature fiction, poetry, essays and interviews that fit into this relatively new genre. The editorial team raised $ 27,306 on Kickstarter and are currently reviewing submissions for their first issue, which is due out in January. We hear from co-editors Justine Norton-Kertson and Brianna Castagnozzi on their plans for the magazine and what solarpunk means to them.

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