New ‘IN Wheeling Magazine’ Features Chrisagis Brothers on Cover

New ‘IN Wheeling Magazine’ Features Chrisagis Brothers on Cover

WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) – Don’t forget to grab the new edition of In Wheeling magazine! It features some familiar faces on the cover.

It’s the Chrisagis Brothers and for good reason as this issue features prayer groups from across the region coming together and helping each other.

It kicks off a theme of different people helping each other.

According to the magazine’s founder, it sums up what Wheeling is all about. David Allinder says people here help others grow and don’t try to bring them down.

These bands are an absolute representation of the creative mindset because you go to other cities, you don’t necessarily see that. You go in groups and people compete with each other who is going to be in charge, who is going to be on top and who is going to make more money. This is not the case in Wheeling. These people come together for the sole purpose of building each other and building community.

David Allinder | Owner, IN Wheeling Magazine

You can pick up your copy from freewheeling Magazine at any Kroger location and multiple locations throughout the Ohio Valley.

You can also subscribe here to have each new issue sent to your home.

Be on the lookout for the next edition on May 15.

Amanda P. Whitten