Now you can read magazine articles on the app

Now you can read magazine articles on the app


E-commerce giant rolls out new functionality in an attempt to retain customers longer on its shopping platform

Amazon introduced featured articles on its shopping app, in the Kindle section.

Even as Tata Sons’ recently announced deal to acquire Big Basket promises to change the e-commerce space in India, Amazon has made another salvo online. He introduced featured articles on his shopping app.

The initiative, channeled through a soft launch, aims to persuade users to stay longer on its shopping platforms, said a TechCrunch report.

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The Seattle-based e-commerce giant has quietly launched “featured articles” on its shopping app (both iOS and Android) and website in India. Feature articles, analysis and commentary on a variety of topics such as politics, entertainment, sports, business, finance, health, fitness, books and food are offered, said the TechCrunch report.

The articles come mainly from local publications, he added. The section is located in the Kindle Store portion of the app.

He quoted a spokesperson for the company: “We remain focused on creating new and engaging experiences for our customers and as part of this effort we have tested a new service that offers articles on different topics such as as news, books, business, entertainment. , sports and lifestyle among others for readers.

According to the website, some of the items are “exclusively” available on Amazon. Kindle users have also received notifications about the available item.

In 2018, Amazon India introduced reviews of select gadgets and “listicles” from local news outlets.

Video streaming service

Just a week before, Amazon’s shopping app rolled out a free video streaming service called miniTV. The service offers “professionally” created and curated content through web series, comedy shows, tech news, food, beauty, fashion and more, the media said.

The service does not require a subscription, but is supported by ads.

“With the launch of miniTV, the shopping app is now a one-stop destination for customers who want to shop millions of products, make payments, and watch free entertainment videos,” Amazon said in a statement. blog post. Currently, the new video streaming service is only available to Android users. The iOS and mobile web versions will also be released in the coming months, he added.


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