Ocean Drive Magazine Features Deco’s Alex Miranda in April Men’s Issue – WSVN 7News | Miami News, Weather, Sports

Ocean Drive Magazine Features Deco’s Alex Miranda in April Men’s Issue – WSVN 7News |  Miami News, Weather, Sports


The Magic City has a lot of men with the magic touch, or is it the Midas touch? Either way, Ocean Drive Magazine puts a few of these guys in the spotlight, including our own Zoolander model, Alex Miranda.

Ocean Drive Magazine brought back its men’s issue in April.

These eight guys, they say, represent all that the Magic City is.

There are a few big names on the list, and then there’s me.

Eight men in Miami have the magic touch this month.

Paige Mastrandrea, Ocean Drive Magazine: “They have to push the standards. They have to do something special and make some noise in their own way, and do something to beautify the city.

Says Ocean Drive Magazine! The April issue features the Men of Magic City who embody everything 305 – and 786 – with the style of Heat star Jimmy Butler on the cover!

Paige Mastrandrea: “He contributes so much to the sports industry and gives us a team to build on. “

The magazine chose a man from eight industries.

Paige Mastrandrea: “We have someone in technology, someone in art, someone in audiovisual journalism, finance.”

Major Francis Suarez for the government, and the fashion is coming back to Tommy Hilfiger.

Paige Mastrandrea: “He and his wife Dee have always spent a lot of time in Miami, but more recently they just moved here full time.

Here they are on an AD tour through their Golden Beach home in 2015, but for broadcast journalism they picked me ?!

Paige Mastrandrea: “You bring personality. You bring style. You bring the rocket.

Ok, “style” is being generous! (Do you remember those shoes?) But, keep going …

Paige Mastrandrea: “And you make people in town smile every day. “

Oh !!! What an honor.

Alex Miranda: “We don’t take ourselves seriously at all, and it’s always been fun. “

We did an interview and a photo shoot! My approach: This scene from “The Devil Wears Prada.”

Clip: “The play is called urban jungle, isn’t it?” Yes, the modern woman unleashes the inner animal to face the big city. Arrr! “

But photographer Nick Garcia had something else in mind.

Alex Miranda: “I always feel uncomfortable taking pictures, so Nick, what do you think?

Nick Garcia: “Stretch, be tall, be powerful. Keep the natural element. Cheating towards the camera.

The men’s number is in store on online now, and as for my final photo…

Paige Mastrandrea: “Honestly, 11 out of 10. Like, I need to take a page from your book. You should be on “America’s Next Top Model”.

You can pick up your Ocean Drive Magazine men’s issue with Little Old Me on page 96 in stores now.

The digital edition is also on their website.

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