Olivia Rodrigo’s ELLE magazine cover look features latex gloves

Olivia Rodrigo’s ELLE magazine cover look features latex gloves


Some people get dumped and hit back with sub-tweets and a few drunken Snapchats, or worse (cringe) an embarrassing voicemail message. Olivia Rodrigo fights back by writing one of the year’s biggest pop songs and landing its premiere SHE blanket. We! Love! TO! See! This! Turn down the volume on “Driver’s license” to only a moment so that we could focus on the fading of his gaze.

Personally, I didn’t know who Olivia Rodrigo was until this year. She was a booming baby star thanks to High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, but as a person who grew up on It’s so Raven and Lizzie McGuire, I considered myself a little too old to become a fan of the “new” Disney stars.

Then I heard his song “Driver’s License” for the first time – on TikTok, no. I liked it right away, so I recorded it on Spotify. Slowly but surely I started seeing videos detailing the song’s inspiration, Rodrigo AKA’s breakup with costar Joshua Bassett. I really thought I was too old to care about teen drama, but honey I was invested. And it was literally everyone.

In classic Taylor Swift fashion (Rodrigo revere the icon of denominational songwriting), this Disney star turned her debut single into an absolute hit. As a result, she landed the cover of SHEMay 2021 Rising Stars issue. She usually serves up girl-next-door vibes, so seeing her step up in a Saint Laurent jacket and choker paired with black latex gloves is honestly everything.

Stylist Kyle Luu did an amazing job amplifying Rodrigo’s look without making me feel like she’s a little girl in a costume. In short, I am obsessed.

And the fashion fun didn’t stop there! Rodrigue’s SHE The spread is littered with standout looks, from a Miu Miu dress paired with (you guessed it) even more latex gloves to a simple blue Adidas track jacket worn over a sculptural neon lace Terrence Zhou dress. My favorite look includes a relaxed tee paired with an extravagant Molly Goddard tulle skirt, white socks and Amina Muaddi studded heels.

To put it plainly, Rodrigo really Do it. The looks in her spread seem high, but they really capture her essence. “Whether it’s in my fashion, my songs or my social media, I just want to say, ‘Yo, it’s me. And sometimes I am weird as shit, and I am sometimes polite and assembled, ”she says. SHE in its cover story.

When not shooting covers or filming music videos, Rodrigo’s look is much more laid back and she is a big fan of sustainable shopping. “Depop is my reference”, she said She in what has to be the most Gen Z statement I’ve ever heard. Of course yes ! As her notoriety grows and as she works with more and more great designers, I keep my fingers crossed that she continues to promote ethical fashion practices.

Overall, I would say Rodrigo’s first major cover is as much a success as “Driver’s License”. Now excuse me as I scream said tune up to her debut album Sour falls on May 21. Just in time for a new summer bop!


Amanda P. Whitten

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