Podcast launch for digital magazine and newspaper app

Podcast launch for digital magazine and newspaper app

Digital magazine and newspaper app Easily launches podcasts on its platform.

The first phase is in collaboration with three UK publishers whose podcasts in areas such as food, politics, celebrity and crime are available via the associated publishing page on Readly.

Readers can listen to podcasts such as Today in brief of Guardian News and Media, The TopGear Magazine Podcast of Immediate media and money week Podcast of Future Release.

Readly’s Pod Player allows a publisher who has a podcast connected to their respective title to reach new listeners through Readly’s app.

Reading combined with listening strengthens a magazine’s brand and its relationship with the consumer.

For Readly, this means the service can be used more frequently as subscribers can easily discover and listen to content from their favorite magazine.

Mats Brandt, CEO of Readly says “Our ambition is to enhance the content experience at Readly and thereby broaden our target audience.

“Podcasts are a format we want to explore due to their growing popularity. Most people combine listening with other activities such as working out, driving or cooking, which means Readly can be used on more occasions.

“Publishers have also come a long way in their audio offering and we want Readly to become a great discovery tool for their popular podcasts to improve engagement and audience reach globally.”

Amanda P. Whitten