Rachael Ray magazine lists the Alabama Civil Rights Trail in the top 8 road trips in the United States

Rachael Ray magazine lists the Alabama Civil Rights Trail in the top 8 road trips in the United States


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Stop by the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. Photo via Bham Now

Rachael Ray in Season magazine ranked Birmingham as a must-see hotspot. Looked.

The list

There is so much history running through Birmingham and Alabama.

Described as the birthplace of the American civil rights movement, Birmingham has a lot to offer foreigners interested in learning more about one of the most important social movements in our lives.

Here’s what Rachael Ray in Season had to say about the locations on The Great American Road Trip list:

Our country is full of national treasures: wild places, diverse communities with deep histories, birthplaces of culture and the arts. And they’re all a short drive away! We’ve picked a few of our favorite routes to inspire your next trip. Pick a trip or make your own way. Remember to watch, listen and take it slow.

Rachael Ray in Season magazine

It’s great to see that Birmingham is recognized as a destination in a national magazine. There is so much beauty and history here.

Interested in exploring more civil rights around Birmingham? We have what you need :

Birmingham Alabama Civil Rights Monuments

View of the Edmund Pettus Bridge from the St. James – Selma Hotel. Photo via Bama Buzz.

Alabama is home to several museums and civil rights monuments. In Birmingham, we pass historic landmarks on our way to work and school every day, like the 16th Street Baptist Church, Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, and Kelly Ingram Park.

Here is the list of places recommended by the magazine, which include historic landmarks throughout the state:

  • Birmingham City Center Civil Rights Institute
  • Birmingham National Civil Rights Monument
  • The Gaston Motel
  • Carver Theater
  • Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame (opening summer 2021)
  • Anniston Freedom Riders National Monument
  • Tuskegee Airmen Airfield Museum
  • Selma to Montgomery National Scenic Byway
  • Martin Luther King Rectory Museum
  • Rosa Parks Museum
  • National Memorial for Peace and Justice

While on your road trip through the state, discover the newly renovated Selma’s St. James hotel. Here is a link to our website where you can find out more.

Many places shine a light on the history of inequality, discrimination, murder and hate crimes in the state.

Although it may seem overwhelming to some, it is an important part of our history that we must never forget.

“Visitors learn how ordinary people have the power to influence their realities, inspire others to change and transform the world.

Barry McNeely, in an interview with Rachael Ray for Season

Want to see who else made Rachael Ray magazine’s must-see places in America list? Check out the rest of the story here.

Birmingham is in the news

AG Gaston Motel
The AG Gaston Motel sign lit up on March 10, 2021. The photo is a screenshot of the City of Birmingham Phase 1 completion ceremony.

Rachael Ray isn’t the only publication that has highlighted the Magic City in recent years. Here is a portfolio of stories that showcased our community.

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