Salt Lake City’s Soeleish Magazine Features Ayla & Co’s “Nikki Day”

Salt Lake City, Utah, November 9, 2022 — Soeleish Salt Lake City magazine announces “Nikki Day” as its November 2022 #Entrepreneur# cover story. Soeleish Salt Lake City Magazine is a one of a kind magazine. SSLCM is Utah’s premier magazine dedicated to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Its purpose is to recognize the efforts and successes of Utah small business owners and entrepreneurs. SSLCM is a monthly magazine covering business, lifestyle, news and technology. Soeleish Salt Lake City Magazine is Utah’s #1 magazine for small business owners.

Founders Nikki and Brody Day are parents to four young children and needless to say, they’ve been through their fair share of diaper bags. With Brody’s functional approach and Nikki’s fashion-forward touch, they’ve created the perfect diaper bag systems for parents everywhere, allowing them to tackle the chaos of parenthood with a little less mess.

The name Ayla (eye-la) in its Hebrew roots means “oak tree” and in its Scottish roots means “from a strong and resilient place”. Nikki and Brody fell in love with the name long before their bag became a reality, but they knew Ayla was perfect for their business. Being stable, persistent and dependable are the lessons they learned as parents of four children. (Read more at

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Those interested in purchasing a hard copy of the November 2022 issue of SOELEISH SALT LAKE CITY MAGAZINE can do so at SSLCMAG.COM.

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