Seychelles: ‘Today in Seychelles’ adds new Sunday post – digital magazine ‘Ozordi Dimans’

Seychelles: ‘Today in Seychelles’ adds new Sunday post – digital magazine ‘Ozordi Dimans’


The publishing house behind “Today in Seychelles” added a Sunday publication to its schedule with the unveiling of “Ozordi Dimans”, or “Today Sunday”.

The Sunday publication, a digital magazine, launched on Sunday, October 10. It’s produced by a totally different team of reporters than the newspaper Monday through Saturday, said Veronica Maria, executive director of Today Publishers.

“Our daily is not published on Sundays and so for some time our readers have been demanding that we produce something for this particular day,” Maria told SNA on Tuesday.

Sunday magazine is different from “Today in Seychelles” in that it does not present news, but offers its readers articles, including articles of human interest, history, culture, fashion, health and education.

The digital magazine will be available through a subscription service, but for now it is offered free of charge.

“At the moment we are working on the subscription to ‘Ozordi Dimans’ and we hope to announce it soon. We are considering giving people to subscribe to a package with both newspapers under one subscription or allowing our readers to subscribe to the magazine on their own, ”said Marie.

The CEO of Today Publishers said the company wanted to create something different where people can read various stories in a lighter tone, compared to the usual news released daily.

The magazine’s launch was originally scheduled to coincide with the 10th anniversary of “Today in Seychelles”, which was launched in March 2011. The daily is also distributed only in digital form.

“We wanted to release it for our anniversary but unfortunately with the COVID-19 pandemic we couldn’t get there,” Maria said.

She added that the delay has allowed the company to solicit more comments and better prepare for the magazine and so far the reviews have been positive.

“As one of our goals is to always innovate, we decided that would be an option and last year we started working on the idea,” added Maria.


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