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GLENMONT— The Spotlight recently met a new face at the Bank, Jennifer Vollor

Question: Jennifer, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your role at National Bank of Coxsackie?

I have been in the bank for 10 years. Work first with Citizens Bank, then make the switch to a Sidney Federal Credit Union. I am 25 years old in the management field. I was looking to stay at a smaller bank that had great ties to their communities. National Bank of Coxsackie met both needs and I knew it would be a great choice for me.

I look forward to being part of the community and working with everyone from personal to business connections and helping NBC expand its banking customer base in the Capital District.

Question: What’s been new and exciting at National Bank of Coxsackie since the last time we sat down?

NBC has certainly been busy lately! Most notably, we launched a new digital channel on our website called NBC Express!

Question: What is NBC Express?

Small businesses can apply for installment loans or lines of credit through this online program. The whole process, from application to funding, can be done online! No need to set foot in the bank! For all information check it out on our website

Question: How does NBC Express fit into the current National Bank of Coxsackie culture?

As a community bank, we are looking for ways to help our small businesses grow the way they want. As we know, running a business is a very time-consuming job. He does not always allow time to come to the bank to apply for a loan. With this new program, the small business owner can do it at a time that suits their busy schedule!

Amanda P. Whitten