Spotlight on the company: zoovu – Magazine articles

Spotlight on the company: zoovu – Magazine articles


What is your business doing?

zoovu provides SaaS technology that enables retailers and brands to offer automated yet user-friendly customer support across all digital channels. It removes barriers to conversion as it helps consumers make informed and confident purchasing decisions.

With the rise of digital selling and the ability to deliver products and services on a large scale, consumers have more choices than ever before. They are often expected to find what they want without guidance or support, which can be overwhelming – we call it Choice Paralysis.

Our AI-powered digital assistants know how to ask meaningful questions that help consumers find the right product or service for their needs. This means less friction and a much more fun personalized experience for consumers and rewarding for brands and retailers.

Many of our clients use zoovu to drive sales and conversions. Apart from this, they also receive valuable analytical data and information, which helps them better understand their customers and the motivations behind purchasing decisions.

Our customers see higher engagement, increased loyalty but also diminishing returns after integrating zoovu.


If we take a look at it and remove all the layers, companies want to sell more. As easy as that. They want to grow and increase their customer base. And in order to do that, they have to make sure that all the friction, everything between a customer and a purchase, is eliminated.

We help them ensure that customers receive the consistent support they need and need to make a purchasing decision with confidence, whether they’re surfing online, on mobile, or visiting the store.
They can deploy digital assistants on the web, mobile apps, on an in-store kiosk, but also on chatbots and voice-activated devices.

Each channel has its own distinct characteristics and requirements and zoovu is able to handle this complexity without placing the burden on multi-channel retailers.

Our customers typically deploy digital assistants for their product lines and integrate additional seasonal assistants, such as gift seekers, to meet seasonal demand from consumers who need a differentiated form of consultation and support. One of our customers increased the conversion rate by 500% with a digital gift assistant, which was pretty impressive.

What’s your vision?

We want to deliver a digital customer experience similar to what consumers receive in-store. We aim to be on every website and store booth to provide convenience, immediacy and instant gratification.

Consumers expect frictionless experiences, whether online or in-store, and the role of retailers and brands must evolve from simple product offering and transaction facilitation to personalized support that helps consumers easily identify the perfect products.

How is your offer unique?

Our comprehensive SaaS platform reduces complexity for marketers and allows them to see results much faster. It is intuitive and allows business users to create digital assistants without the back and forth of IT and long development cycles.

zoovu also takes care of the cleaning and preparation of product data, which is usually a major problem for retailers. And instead of confusing buyers with technical filters, business users can translate specifications into user-friendly language, which provides a more intuitive and conversational experience for buyers, and which is closely aligned with the psychology of human decision-making.

Our digital assistants combine in-depth knowledge of product categories, learning algorithms, interaction models, and unique Q&A knowledge for over 50 different categories. It is a very intuitive self-service solution that allows businesses to quickly and easily create, customize and integrate their digital assistants.

Who are your clients ?

We have solutions for all sizes of retailers and brands ranging from a digital assistant for one product line to multiple digital assistants in multiple countries, multiple product lines and multiple channels. Our solution is simple: if you have a website, store, or just looking to provide a more personalized and interactive experience, we have a solution for you.

Customers include consumer electronics brands such as Canon and Whirlpool, the e-commerce giant Amazon, but also health and beauty brands such as L’Oreal and Coty and UK favorite M&S.

What plans do you have for the future?

In 2019, we will increase our investments in AI and behavioral analysis, and we will continue to grow and expand in APAC.

Give us your pitch in one sentence.

zoovu empowers brands and retailers to solve the ‘I want’ moment across all digital touchpoints and truly improve the experience for their consumers.


Amanda P. Whitten

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