Star Citizen has taken the back of the digital magazine for digitally published media, with sneering ships being tossed to subscribers

If you want to sell your Star Citizen information through the Jump Point e-zine, the latest issue contains some bad news. In the opening section, Jump Point’s publication shifted to a two-month release schedule, as the people working on the zine are also members of the marketing, narrative, or production teams, and they need to focus on the zine. alpha 4.0. They look like their arches under creep pressure. Weird.

It’s why the folks behind Jump Point love the work they do and keep turning the elaborate “tading” page for a better magazine, while promising more developers, deep dives into tech , your usual exclusive narrative content, and lots more twists along the way. So for those who love Jump Point, it might not be all bad news.

We continue to use more in-game plush news from Star Citizen, especially one of the digital rewards given out to subscribers in October. This month, astronauts receive cuddly spaceships of different levels. To be honest, a cutlass stuffed animal. Or the ability to get different colors of Cutlass plush from a subscriber’s exclusive store. Thanks for the subscription, go to a spaceship to snuggle up.

Sources: Jump Point, official site. Long-time MMORPG gamers will know that Star Citizen first launched in 2012 with an expected 2014 launch. players over years of continuous crowdfunding and sales of in-game ships and other assets. It’s one of the most talkative video games in the world, and it’s endured slanderous loyalty from defenders and immense annoyance from critics. The release of an award-winning single-player title, Squadron 42, has been repeatedly delayed.

Amanda P. Whitten