The DFNI digital magazine for January / February 2021 is now available

Although hopes of a travel resurgence in the New Year have been dashed, optimism reigns in Hainan, where the travel retail industry is kept afloat by the booming duty-free market. of the island.

First DFNI number for 2021, DFNI Editor Kapila Ireland interviews Eudes Fabre, CEO of Lagard̬re Travel Retail North Asia to p33 which celebrates a milestone as the company opens its first duty-free store in China Рafter having been operating in the country since 2007.

Dufry Group is also celebrating its first duty-free opening in China, also in Hainan, and Asia COO Pedro Castro discuss on p30 the immense potential of China and Southeast Asia for years to come.

What else, Digital editor Elena Dimama examines the besieged South Korean duty-free market, which once held the crown jewels of duty-free concessions at Incheon Airport, and assesses whether it can regain its luster, on p38.

And after years of challenges, many of which predate the coronavirus outbreak, Contributor Chris Madden notes that the aviation sector now has the possibility of leveling the rules of the game, on p40.

Meanwhile, the Sarah Branquinho from the World Duty Free Council stresses the need, now more than ever, for industry support for associations to safeguard its interests, on p12.

Joe bates leads our selection of categories on p43 focusing on confectionery and wine, with makers for the former pinning hopes on Q2 and beyond with new launches and promotions.

Meanwhile, wine is at its peak in Hainan, the p53.

Finally, don’t miss DFNIregular columns of, including Data area, this month provided by Air4caststo p20, Beauty News to p13, Gifts & Electronics News to p14, Tobacco news to p15, Fashion news to p16, Alcohol News to p17, Watches & Jewelry News to p18and Confectionery news to p19.

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Amanda P. Whitten