TikTok Launches New Digital Magazine To Highlight Effective In-App Marketing Approaches


If you’re looking to maximize your approach to TikTok marketing, this might be worth a look.

Today, TikTok launched a new content series called “The Roundup”, which aims to present some of the app’s most interesting and successful brand campaigns.

According to TIC Tac:

“Each issue of The Roundup will cover a new topic as we show you exactly how brands are leveraging TikTok to drive real business results.

The first one 8 page issue examines creator-led campaigns, and includes a range of interesting information and notes on some of the most successful examples of brand / designer partnerships.

There are case studies of recent campaign successes:

TikTok overview

As well as the profiles of the creators involved:

TikTok overview

While TikTok has also included statistics and more general information to help guide your approach.

TikTok overview

As explained by TIC Tac:

Brands that partner with creators build instant credibility with our community, allowing them to present themselves in ways that are totally fun, natural and real. The result is not just a powerful performance, but a newfound confidence and affinity from our passionate community who actively want to bring brands to the forefront of culture.

The main objective here is to guide potential advertisers to their Creators Marketplace Platform, where they can find and select potential creators to partner with for campaigns.

TikTok overview

Given the creative direction of the platform and the need to align with these trends to maximize campaign reach, this is a good approach to take, and the new preview might help you think about how you can partner with relevant creators to boost your marketing efforts.

And with TikTok being the place to be for a younger audience in particular, many brands are now looking to do just that.

Anyway, it’s worth a look – you can download the first issue of “The Roundup” here.


Amanda P. Whitten