Time Magazine Features Massachusetts Relocation Program by Second Chance

Time Magazine Features Massachusetts Relocation Program by Second Chance

EAST BROOKFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Time Magazine has published an article about the animal relocation program that a local shelter is participating in.

According to Second Chance Animal Services, a reporter followed the journey of shelter animals on an ASPCA transport from Mississippi to Massachusetts in search of new life. The Animal Relocation Program helps overcrowded shelters or temporary shelters find adoption services.

“How America Saved Millions of Pets by Relocating Them,” by author Andrew Blum

Second Chance Founder and CEO Sheryl Blancato gave author Andrew Blum some insight into transporting these animals. Blancato said: “I was, of course, delighted that Second Chance was included in the article, but I am even more delighted that the story was written to help the public understand the challenges facing shelters. across the country and the importance of our animal relocation program. .”

In 2021 alone, Second Chance welcomed 1,156 pets through its animal relocation program, mostly to overcrowded shelters in other parts of the country where they may be at risk of euthanasia.

“I have amazing staff and volunteers who share my passion for helping these pets. They work tirelessly to meet all of their needs and help prepare them for adoption because they deserve a happy ending,” said animal relocation director Wendy Hall.

All pets that come to Second Chance receive medical care and all necessary vaccine updates, neutering or neutering surgery, and veterinary care before going to the adoption center looking for a home for them. always.

Amanda P. Whitten